Brown and the New World Order

Fellow Humans

After watching Gordon Brown’s speech at the London Mayors Banquet, it became very clear that there are two very different agendas running in this government. The first one is the program for the British public. This is the program laid down in the manifesto. This program uses the usual suspects that all parties transmit prior to election. The headings are NHS, Crime, Transport, Jobs, Education and Economy.

Every newspaper and TV news broadcast repeat the mantra. Debates spring up and discuss past track records, and compare between party political performance on these issues. Soothing programs to reduce waiting times and increase the effectiveness of the police are presented. Promises of an end to corruption, “tough on crime”, and the hope of tax relief are used to SELL the party. On page five of the Labour party manifesto 2005, a photograph of a smiling, attentive, keen Tony Blair is presented. The party persona,

The other program is the one presented at the lord Mayors Banquet. This is the program designed for the investment class, and the power brokers. This program is about globalisation. This Program is about strengthening the international organisations pressing for one world government, and the call for support from the elite to push this agenda. The headings were Globalisation, internationalisation, restructuring the world order and European integration.

Throughout the speech, Gordon abundantly used the words internationalist, global, globalisation, world order, I didn’t hear the word referendum, perhaps I missed it. I trolled through the manifesto and searched for these terms. The manifesto contained references to Globalism, but they focused on climate change, poverty reduction in the third world, The global skills market, and trade. Nowhere could I find any references to restructuring the world in some kind of post millennium Marshall plan. I would of thought anyway that the London Mayor would be more concerned with issues relating to crime, integrity, transparency and monetary policy after the recent headline scandals.

After the infamous and strange “we need a new world order to combat climate change” speech,
And the “I believe that we need nothing less than a modern Marshall Plan for the new world.” comment in the speech to the RIIA, and the “need to make globalisation work for all by building an alliance for economic and social justice and environmental care – an essential element of the new world order”, it was with amazement, that I heard him say that the primary function of government is the safety and security of its people and the national interest. No Gordon, the primary aim of government is to serve the people.

It is clear that Mr Brown is pressing his own agenda. Where then does this agenda come from? Could I hazard a guess that because Gordon brown attended the Bilderberger meetings in Baden Baden Germany in 1991, his orders are coming from elsewhere? Or is that being cynical.. What is very clear is this.

One, Brown was not elected. It doesn’t matter they cried, you vote for the party, not the person…. Why then is Tony’s name next to box on the ballot paper? And why is his face stamped on page 5 of the manifesto?

Two, The Manifesto does not outline plans for world reorganisation. This means that the government has no mandate for fiddling with international affairs at the levels currently engaged (with our tax money), Unless it is ratified by the public and their representatives.

Three, the double standards being applied here, one for the electorate, the other for the Elite’s, must not be abided. Brown spoke of the “hope developing countries will travel the road towards greater transparency”.

I hope you, Gordon, will also attempt to travel this road.

Yours in humanhood


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