Psychology and the the New World Order

Fellow Humans

Propaganda is an everyday tool used to manipulate people into a certain activity. It has been used to justify some of the most heinous of crimes and the redirection of thought for political and marketing needs. Human psychology is a factor we need, desperately, to understand if we are ever to throw off the yoke of tyranny and serfdom.

Erich Fromm wrote numerous works on the subject of human reaction to threat, and how our underlying mentality deals with it. When we examine the base reaction to threat, our “animal behaviour” bids us to do one of two things. Fight or flee. The primary difference between the animal and us is (as Fromm notes) mans ability of foresight. What this means is that an animal sees a threat as immediate in the present. We on the other hand have the ability to calculate a transgression by weighing up the odds. An example of this would be the nuclear build up during the cold war. We perceived, through information sources, that the Soviets wanted to dominate militarily, or even invade the west.. This in turn caused us to scale up our military machine. The Soviets did the same calculation and began to raise their own arsenals. The threat, one could argue, was perceived, and it represents one of histories finest examples of benign aggression.

Looking at this in the context of reaction to 911, we have part of the effected people displaying anger, another turning to authority for protection, and perhaps a bit of both in all of us. The perceived threat was generously advertised by the media, entrenching the feeling, and resulting in a wave of divisive hatred across the globe. I f we look at the attack on a different level, we could say that a gang of muggers lives in the northern part of our town. Would it be right, or prudent to destroy the northern part of town under the perception that everyone there is a mugger?

The same logic can be used on the terrorists themselves. The perception that the west would eventually destroy their particular system and beliefs created the same benign aggressive behaviour that led to the events that day.

We move on now to the narcissistic tendencies that are so common around us. The idea that only the things and values we feel are important to us as individuals are important or real, and that other realities are not worthy, is opportunistic ground for propaganda. Group narcissism, such as patriotism or religious fanaticism can be forged into a tool to press an agenda. As Fromm stated, “it is not easy for a nations leader to tell the people to kill or be killed because industry needs cheaper raw materials, cheaper labour, or new markets……. In addition, these predictions of threat from the outside are often self-fulfilling: the aggressor state, by preparing for war, forces the state that is about to be attacked to prepare also, thereby providing the “proof “of the alleged threat.”

Michael Tsarion speaks of the Jungian Animus figure in our societies. Animus, for me, represents the motivating force that leads to a particular action. It also represents hostility, and in the persona, the father figure. The Animus is found in many places in our society. Many leaders, religious figures movie personas. For instance, The evangelical priest like Jimmy Swaggert, Joseph Stalin and Sean Connery (as Arthur in First Knight)

We are all essentially children. We, in times of great distress or trial, feel the need to rely on our father figures to protect and guide us. Our lack of confidence and our lack of information mean that we feel we cannot possibly make the right choices when it matters. We therefore hand over responsibility to the Animus, we promise obedience, which is what the Animus requires of us, and hide behind his coat tails. At the same time, the “small fish” in the big sea of the state may have a chance to prove himself worthy to the Animus by acts of loyalty, even if it means actions that are deplorable.

To put all this in a nutshell then, Planes are flown into the twin towers, the propaganda machine rolls, Fear and anger rages, The Animus offers to defend and protect, the people offer obedience, The planners advance their program. This is called manipulation.

We all need to step back and look at the big picture. If you cannot see it, Ask someone who can. For the common man, our material, cultural and informational (not sure if that’s a word, but hey) poverty, prevents us taking our own decisions and directing our lives in what should be a free world. Self-determination is our dream. Ill leave you with one last quote from a man who clearly saw much of this big picture.

“If civilian life provided the elements of adventurousness, solidarity, equality, and idealism that can be found in war, it may be very difficult, we may conclude, to get people to fight a war. The problem for governments in war is to make use of this rebellion by harnessing it for the purpose of war; simultaneously it must be prevented from becoming a threat to the government by enforcing strict discipline and the spirit of obedience to the leaders who are depicted as the unselfish, wise, courageous men protecting their people from destruction. (Fromm, 1973: ).

Yours in Humanhood


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