Children and the New World Order

Fellow Humans

Children are the future. They are born pure of mind, and throughout life, gain the attributes associated with their surroundings. The early years. or formative years, are crucial to the eventual outcome of the child’s personality and traits. It is believed that, even in the womb, children are shaped by the status of the mother and her surroundings.

So, what could be more important that ensuring the child grows in a healthy and loving environment. What could be more important than assuring the child is introduced to the wonders of the world and its knowledge, given the facts, allowing that child to forward man’s greatest journey with their imagination, creativity and the passion of youth.

That, I am afraid, is not what is happening. Instead, the parents spend the entire day at work, the child packed off to a state school, indoctrinated by a state program, returns home to find the parents exhausted, spends much of the few hours watching television, or alone behind a screen. The family structure has virtually been destroyed.

Many teachers inside the state school system are good souls with a real interest in the wellbeing of their charges. But they are tied into a system that strictly controls their activities, reduces their autonomy. In fact, I would say that teachers spend much of their time filling out performance management forms, evaluations, assessments, and individual education plans. They are the undervalued charges our most cherished concern.

It is crystal clear that social change agents are operating across the board, to shape and mould children into the human resources of the future. These change agencies operate at the behest of the New World Order gameplanners. The use of globalist, humanist and socialist material in the indoctrination process, coupled with pressures for the children to conform, are creating a herd like mentality, and an unquestioning attitude to information they are presented with. In short, the individuality of the child is under attack, and the colonisation of their minds by forces unseen is underway.

On top of this, Parents are being portrayed as dysfunctional and obstructive. Their role is being reduced to that of the baby factory. Indeed, new measures in the children Act, plan to put the surrogate social carer in place to accompany and mentor the child through the early years into their early adulthood.

A quote that puts all this into a perspective.

“One cannot permit submission to parental authority if one wishes to bring about profound social change….In order to effect rapid changes, any such centralised regime must mount a vigorous attack on the family lest the traditions of present generations be preserved. It is necessary, in other words, artificially to create an experiential chasm between parents and children to insulate the latter in order that they can more easily be indoctrinated with new ideas. The desire may be to cause an even more total submission to the state, but if one wishes to mould children in order to achieve some future goal, one must begin to view them as superior, inasmuch as they are closer to this future goal. One must also study their needs with care in order to achieve this difficult preparation for the future. One must teach them not to respect their tradition-bound elders, who are tied to the past and know only what is irrelevant.” Warren Bennis and Philip Slater The Temporary society 1968

If you love your children, you must look at the state education program. Talk to the children about some of these subjects and you may be surprised to hear the answers. Take a look at the content of exams. Examine the outcomes that are set, you will find the outcomes are the same, no matter which part of the land you reside. Take a look at the organisations and NGO’s getting involved in the education system. Demand a return to academia and the teaching of facts, not ideology, not policy, not the New World Order agenda

Yours in Humanhood


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