Microchips and the New World Order

Fellow HumansAs an Engineer, technology appeals to me. I appreciate the new electronic era and the benefits it can bring. I also appreciate the dangers associated with centralised control systems under dubious control.

In recent news articles, it has become clear that the new way forward for the citizenry of the world is the embedded microchip. At first we see the chip integrated into card technologies that familiarise the people with the electronic commerce. The next phase was the microchipping of pets for cross border disease control. We now see the chipping of people with Alzheimer’s and criminals. Next the children to prevent paedophiles snatching them. After the criminals will come immigrants or visa holders, and then incrementally, the entire population.

The benefits of the microchip are being lauded by big business and governments alike. They love the idea of control over every aspect of your life, and the ability to monitor your movements and behaviour. EU documents refer to the benefits to business being able to tailor services based on consumer activities, but that is only one side of the argument. They also mention the sales pitch for smart card system exploitation, where marketing teams with “bubbly” personalities will repeatedly phone and visit your home, and target specific family members to pressure reluctant people into accepting the system.

You and your families are being targeted in a sustained programming attack. Children use fingerprint scanners to get lunch (a very dangerous precedent indeed.) Mothers visit the shops with a host of loyalty card schemes that monitor your consumer behaviour. People out of the home are monitored by cameras everywhere they go. The Yellow cameras being erected on the motorways of Britain are earmarked for road pricing, and monitoring traffic movement.

When you are finally chipped, (and you will be unless you stop this), your bank details, medical history (have you had all your compulsory jabs yet?), identification, occupation, academic qualification, work and building access rights, criminal history including minor infringements and record of arrest,(even if you were innocent), tax number, social security number, drivers license, will be included on the chip. If the system screws up, you are screwed. No access to any of the above will see you in great trouble.

Try explaining your identity to an official who cannot match your chip with the record on the system.

If the state deems you troublesome, they can turn the chip off or delete the record. Companies (and this has already begun in Mexico and the US) are already setting up systems where you will have to be chipped to work there, Eventually, shops, banks, workplaces, schools, government buildings, national transportation etc will require the microchip to gain access. Unless you accept it, you will not gain access and subsequently will be ostracised from society.

Another area of concern is the effect of the emitted radiation from microchips and chip readers, which have been linked to cancerous tumors.

This is the single most important issue in the fight for freedom, and preventing the New World Order control grid.. Those that shout, “I’ve got nothing to hide” better realise that the control grid is for everyone. It has a purpose. It is dangerous. It will effect you and your families. It is not only for your safety and security. It is to gain total control over you, their asset, their property, their human resource.

From the mouth of the EU itself :-

The ability to surreptitiously collect a variety of data all related to the same person; track individuals as they walk in public places (airports, train stations, stores); enhance profiles through the monitoring of consumer behaviour in stores; read the details of clothes and accessories worn and medicines carried by customers are all examples of uses of RFID technology that gave rise to privacy concerns.”
EU working document on RFID, January 2005
But they are going to go ahead anyway!!!

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