Government and the New World Order

Fellow Humans

The word government comes from the Greek word kybernan meaning to steer or pilot a ship (later the Latin gubanare with the same meaning), and the Latin mentis which means mind. Literally, the word government means to steer the mind, or control the mind.

The “Father of public relations”, nephew of Sigmund Freud, Edward Bernays created the technique of shaping and manipulating public opinion which he referred to as the “engineering of consent”. He, alongside fellow manipulation and media master Walter Lippman, was a member of the committee on public information or CPI during WW1. Together they perfected their techniques, honing the art of marketing and propaganda which sold the war to Americans as the war to make the world “safe for democracy”. Sound Familiar?.

The CPI carefully crafted information to demonise the then enemy Germany, forwarding stories of German soldiers ravishing mothers, killing children and poor defensless cats in Belgium, and bath tubs full of eyeballs. The CPI maketing solution would become the model for all future wars and interventions.

This barrage of disinformation, alongside the Bryce report (all long since proved fabrications), got the required reaction. The emotional tap was drained off and directed toward the war just as Bernays had planned it. The German state was disolved and reduced along with her trade, colonies and resources, distributed amongst the victors. This provided deep resentment and hostility which would spark the next great war, and another marketing opportunity.

The chief benifiary of all of this was the New World Order. They had achieved the first step in dissolving soverign states, and centralising international decision making into a caucus, namely the league of nations. This league would become Nato, then the UN. The New world Order motto “Order out of Chaos” was used by Bernays when he stated “Propaganda will never die out. Intelligent men must realize that propaganda is the modern instrument by which they can fight for productive ends and help to bring order out of chaos”

This is the basis behind everything that effects our lives from day to day. The word propaganda was not even mentioned in the 1911 encyclopedia Brittania, but after such a successful campaign during WW1, it became the fulcum of political and corporate programming to this very day.

Bernays went on to advise clients such as Proctor and Gamble, CBS, American Tobacco Company and directed the United Fruit Company CIA led overthrow of the Guatemala government in the 50’s. General Electric, another of his clients, went on to run US government sponsored research into brain wave pattern and mind control technologies which were snapped up by TV advertisers and are used in every day TV programming and advertising today.

What has this to do with government you ask?

I see the machine operating in our everyday lives, and that the engineers of consent get a kick out of watching you react to their manipulative lies. To realise that we are being manouvred into sentiments and reactions clearly directed toward what generally turns out to be profiteering, both political and corporate, is disconcerting The herd is lapping this up and bungling toward the trap. The current wave of Islamophobia is an example of this propaganda program. As walter Lippman stated,
“The ‘responsible men’ who are the proper decision-makers,, must ‘live free of the trampling and the roar of a bewildered herd.’ These ‘ignorant and meddlesome outsiders’ are to be ‘spectators’, not ‘participants’. The herd does have a ‘function’: to trample periodically in support of one or another element of the leadership class in an election…”

Realise that this program is directed at you. Realise that group hysteria is the feed of the New World Order, and realise that you are in the War of your life. The war for your mind. The infowar. Realise that the internationalist goal of one world government and the population reduction program is the Endgame. You will be the victim no matter how smart you think you are. Get up from your knees and fight the real enemy, the New World Order

Yours in humanhood


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