Authoritarianism and the New World Order

Fellow Humans

Loosely speaking, three common authoritarian personality traits are the causes behind much of what we have seen of holocaust and genocide throughout time. Some of these traits cause a supporter to adore the “leader”, because the leader empowers the supporter by means of a doctrine. This doctrine allows the supporter to apply their prejudice with impunity because the leader, and the collective group of supporters, have assumed responsibility for activities under the doctrine. In simple terms, the murderer is released from culpability of his actions by a higher power.

The basic sado masochistic traits that exist in all of us to some degree or other, require that we dominate some and are dominated in turn. A hierarchy persists in our limbic brains.. Even the most powerful figures in history have served a higher entity, whether physical, spiritual, or imagined. God, king, lord, have all been used as justification for actions, normally restricted by the mammalian brain.

For most of those defined as RWA (right wing authoritarian), the world is full of threats and evil. They cling, and adhere to social conventions, believing that the past and present proof of the brutal nature of the world is evidence that man is inherently evil. They seek strong leadership to do what has to be done, to return the world to normality. RWA’s will show aggressiveness to those targeted by their leaders, and because they have strong submissive attitudes to established authority, will carry out the will of the leadership, no matter what it requires.

They are also submissive to injustices and transgressions of civil liberties. They usually have a long list of prejudices ranging across the board, nationality, race religion or ethnicity. They also see themselves, in their compartmentalised minds, as the righteous. They will never be on the wrong side, and the sole cause of all their woes will be externalised. Someone else, some other belief, religion, creed is responsible, and needs to be exterminated.

The adoration of the RWA’s usually falls upon those who are either SDO (social dominance orientation) or “double highs”. SDO personalities are generally more prejudiced that RWA’s, power hungry, Machiavellian, domineering and amoral. Double highs require adoration and obedience, and will utilise any method to attain these ends, regardless of consequences. They are the most power hungry of all, without conscience, and have the amplified traits of SDO’s. Double highs are the personality trait of the most infamous figures in history. Double highs exist on the tip of the pyramid, supported by SDO’s on the second tier who whip up and control the adoring RWA’S.

It is notable that the psychotic mind feels uncomfortable in the normal world, and will attempt to create a psychotic environment around him, in which he can be comfortable.

It is also plain to see that when the double high manages to get the SDO’s and RWA’s under spell, the outcome is certain holocaust. If the doctrine fails to create the desired world imagined by the RWA’s, the members will begin to turn on themselves and destroy each other. After all, each party imagines themselves to be the purest, and as such has the right to eliminate the impure. None of these personalities have the ability to self examine, or realise that at least some of their woes are a result of their own activities or mindset.

The constant creation of dangers and threats, recently associated with terrorism and global warming, is a springboard for the insane to gain control and begin their process of destruction, a process, history teaches, that usually results in the persecution and hideous treatment of the sane.

Beware, Don’t let this chain of events begin again.

Yours in humanhood



2 thoughts on “Authoritarianism and the New World Order

  1. Congratulations on your efforts to inform the masses on how we are rapidly moving towards a One World Government.

    The 12th of June 2008 popular vote of NO to the Lisbon Treaty from the citizens of the Irish Republic should have been a very positive step towards the dismantling of the Fascist European Union.

    The EU Treaty needs all 27 member states to vote YES. A single NO vote means NO to the Lisbon Treaty.

    The Lisbon Treaty should now be a dead parrot.

    British Foreign Secretary David (von Ribbentrop) Miliband felt that there was no need for a British referendum on the Lisbon Treaty because “we have a sovereign, democratically elected parliament”.

    The British ratification of the Lisbon Treaty has passed through the House of Lords, and has been signed by the British Monarch herself.

    “Britain will not ratify the EU Treaty until the High Court has ruled on a bid to force a British referendum”, Prime Minister Gordon Brown has said recently.

    And that means there will be no vote for the masses. The elite rule. Period.

    The British masses want a referendum. That vote will definitely be a NO to the European Union.

  2. Jomar

    As if we needed further proof of a dictatorship, or more accuratly, a plutocracy.
    People need to start understanding this concept and educate themselves.

    Thanks for the comment

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