Purity and the New World Order

Fellow Humans


We´ve seen the restless children

At the head of the columns

Come to purify the future

with the arrogance of youth

Nothing is as cruel as the

Righteousness of innocents

With automatic weapons

and a gospel of truth

 The words above are lyrics from New Model Army’s song, Purity. Youth are a primary target for despots. Their vulnerability lies in their lack of experience in life which allows an easy route to manipulation. Their energy is harnessed to a political cart and a message of change and purity which still lines the veins of the child, and that has faded in the eyes of the old.


 Again and again the theatre is played out until successive generations are locked into a cycle of psychopathic behaviour, within systems designed by those who have gone before. How far we have strayed from purity and innocence. How long will we have to negotiate this poison road until we find the signposts back home?


 Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, and more famously, Hitler all used the youth to launch their egotistic and narcissistic ideals. They were the ones who fought with such ferocity against the allied landings on D-Day. They were the ones who rounded up those thought to represent a threat to the state, and shot them down in cold blood. They are the ones now invoked in the Holy wars of the Jihad, and the drugged up soldiers of genocide in Africa.

 The western parent is horrified at the appalling use of these children, but will still buy cheap goods from sweatshops in the East. They will say it would never happen here, but they are wrong. It is already happening here.  


The Environmental movement has been infiltrated by the “users” looking for a ready made clean slate to train up and politicise. Their message to the children is “look what a mess your parents are making of the world” and “population levels are too high”. Armed with their gospel, they are out slashing the tyres of SUV’s and the beginnings of a new radical force is forming.


 As the world sleeps, Obama issues his call for youth brigades to ensure security at home. A force, he says, which must outsize the US military. Putin is also on the game. His “Nashi (Ours) youth movement, renowned for mass rallies and fierce displays of patriotism, its militaristic training of members, and its frequently violent campaigns against opposition leaders and opposition demonstrations is a player”. So much so that it’s funding has been cut in order to reduce its impact. Too late Kremlin, you have already altered their minds. http://www.theotherrussia.org/2008/01/30/kremlin-slims-down-nashi-youth-movement/


 Now in the UK, NPower, an energy provider has latched onto the game of the century. NPower have launched their “Climate Cops” campaign http://www.climatecops.com/   The targeted enrolment and training of children from 7 to 11 to find climate crimes in their homes and  keep files and notes on transgressions and who is a “criminal”. See Link http://www.climatecops.com/downloads/climate_cops_crime_cards.pdf.


 For those familiar with 1984, this will come as a chilling revelation. For those who are blissfully ignorant, it will appear to be an innocent set of activities attune to saving energy. At some stage, this early learning will be altered to involve other activities more akin to identifying enemies of the state in all their forms. At some stage the cards might read “who is guilty of speaking out against the authorities” Perhaps they will also add sentences to be carried out on transgressors.


 NPower by the way are well into the carbon credits game, and have obvious financial interests in running this scheme. Too bad that they cannot see through the greed and stare into the pandoras box they are opening.


 Purity is being destroyed by forces hell bent on power. In words from the same New Model Army song


  Purity is a virtue, purity is an angel

Purity is for madmen to make

fools of us all


Yours in Humanhood









3 thoughts on “Purity and the New World Order

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  2. The children are our future. In light of the training they are receiving, it’s almost a scary prospect. Here in the states, the DARE program, designed to teach children to say no to drugs, has swerved from their original focus and invites children to tattle on their parents for such horrible behavior as having an occasional beer or smoking cigarettes.

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