Revolution and the New World Order


Fellow Humans

Many have identified tyranny an railed against it. From the earliest times, to the present, great works are written, poems composed, songs sung and voices raised. Great thinkers are ostracised and imprisoned. Great words are deleted and the message is blurred by propaganda. Tyranny, it seems, is a self perpetuating machine. The Mythical Hydra that grows new heads faster than you can decapitate.

Our anger grows, and our impatience grates. Those that can see want to remove the cancer. Those that cannot see drag down the rest like a man in a heavy waterlogged coat trying to exit the sea. Instead of an army, we have a rabble. Even among the revolutionaries, their is discord. Freedom has a weakness, and it is the inability to arrive at concensus. Semantics cloud the view until we cannot see the wood for the trees. Revolution! is the cry, but it rings hollow. Hollow because of ourselves.

Many, around the early 1900’s were concerned about the masses being unready for revolution, even if it meant their emancipation.

The Authoritarians have had an extensive period of time to establish their order, the one to which we are all materially bound, and to harden the defences against usurpation.

Anarchists have spent intense periods trying to calculate and plan out revolution, and the world as they see it running, post revolution. Herein lays the fault.

Firstly, a plan is a guide that is constantly assailed by the forces of chaos. One struggles to plan a drive to the country on a public holiday weekend with any certainty. How on Earth is it possible to plan for revolution and the events thereafter? We must learn to flex with the forces ranged against us and even turn them to our own advantage, just as the Aikido practitioner uses his opponents energy against him.

Second, By being a party, an organisation, a force, you are restricted by the bonds that contain those ideals and can never attain freedom of thought, or action. Freedom is an individual’s activity, not the groups. As fish in a shoal, each is an individual, but choose, of their own accord, to move in the same direction. It matters not to the fish whether one sees the sea as blue and another as green. It is not important except to understand that they are in the sea. In the end, an organisation fomenting revolution will have to apply force to those it wishes to free, which in itself is oppression.

If I have learned anything from Nietzsche, it is that to consider something, a person must rise above the semantics and observe even with contempt, his own ideal. Those that are embedded in doctrines, Marxist, socialist, communist, capitalist are looking through a kaleidoscope. At the end of the tube, an array of intermingling particles that change patterns. To the sides, the narrow lightless confines of the tube wall. They wish to manipulate the particles, but can only observe their structure, a structure that is predetermined by the maker of the kaleidoscope. Outside those lightless walls, there is a host of colour, shape and pattern. If only they would take their sight away from the eyepiece and take a look around. Perhaps they can find and mould a new shape of their own rather than remaining locked in the kaleidoscope that was fashioned to enslave them.

So, what is the solution to this problem? Patience. “Revolution now” is doomed to failure. Ideals evolve over centuries. Our impatience forces the issue, gives rise to premature conflict, and destroys the dream. Frustrating as it is, revolution is evolution. Our task then is to prepare the way, just as those who set up the despotic system in which we exist did for their cause.

We must reach out to the minds of men and help them to realise their psychology, and circumstance. Knowledge and discussion will grow until a tipping point is reached where peaceful and free transition will take place. A transition not imposed or coerced, but felt and joined. As the force for freedom grows, the forces of oppression will dwindle. Acts of desperation by the despots will only serve to further the cause of freedom, and will reveal the despot for what he is.

For the first time in history, assisted by the new communication media at our disposal, a new voice is emerging. A truly global revolution. A force with no allegiance to things, but dedicated to humanity and the welfare of us all. Many brothers and sisters have gone before us and paved the way for this emergence, many at great cost to themselves. As this cry for freedom grows, we need only join with each other in heart and voice. We must continue and raise the amplitude of the call, time will do the rest. For now, discard your petty differences, don your armour and join the infowar. Form the Phalanx amidst the shoulders of your comrades. One day, we will succeed.

Yours in Humanhood



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