Colonization and the New World Order

Fellow Humans

We are being colonized. Not by some extraterrestrial species, but by sectors of our own race. Every aspect of our lives, for generations, have been invaded and altered so that we have become accustomed, and indeed dependent to an alien system.

Albert Memmi wrote “The colonizer and the colonized” about the effects of colonization on the invader and the invaded. In 1957, he wrote about these effects on French and British colonies. The colonized were the brown, yellow and red peoples of the planet. The colonizer was the white European.

He explained that the history, culture, architecture, religion, law and art of the colonizer begins to take over the traditional values of the colonized, and eventually replaces it. “The most serious blow suffered by the colonized” he wrote “is being removed from history and from the community. Colonization usurps any free role in either war or peace, every decision contributing to his destiny and that of the world, and all cultural and social responsibility”

As a result, the colonized is out of the game and is reduced to apathy. He will disengage from the system that he cannot influence, and will relinquish his ability to shape his own history. He will accept his burdens and his exclusion from a decision making process which is designed to increase his feelings of inadequacy, and will even begin to participate and defend the alien system Once this happens, the cat is in the bag, and the colonizer gets to run the game.

The sparks of protest are advertised as greedy, anarchistic, detrimental and dangerous. The preservation of the status quo becomes the national objective. The system becomes a refuge in which the colonized retreats to save him from the utter annihilation he feels will come out of his shame of total defeat should the superstructure of the colonizer be pulled down.

With the advent of the G20, the colonized are paralysed by a system they do not understand, or have any influence in. They wait braced for will surely be another beating from the masters. The colonizers are no longer national. They are supranational. This time, it is not the little brown, black, red and yellow peoples who are the targets of the colonizer. It is the white Europeans and Americans who are finding themselves victim to this coup. The colonization ever expands until it has used up everything and begins to feed on itself. Take a look around you. Memmi was right.

Colonization is an ever present danger to us all. It will destroy us. It will change form, and it will not stop. The human cattle are the blood price of the dreams of the globalist colonizers.

The colonized will complain at my subject matter. Some will say it is all in negativity and out of sorts. For me, I am one of those tiny sparks of protest. As Memmi wrote “As soon as they dare speak, what will they tell just those people, other than of their malaise and revolt? Could words of peace or thoughts of gratitude be expected from those who have been suffering from a loan that compounds so much interest? For a loan which, besides, will never be anything other than a loan?”

Your in Humanhood


11 thoughts on “Colonization and the New World Order

  1. Consider, if you will;

    that I am not so sure of anything. At this stage of our development I do not believe anyone can claim assurance. Regarding the legitimacy of David Ickes’ Annunaki reptilian race that is claimed to have colonised the land or Ur;

    from planet Eris;

    no one can know for sure if this is factual or not.

    However, it is fairly safe to assume that we are not alone in this universe.

    It is possible that a social memory complex that calls itself “Lucifer” created free-will because the creation on this planet was not progressing. In order for the creation to utilise the choice in free-will, this soul group was then required to create as much negative energy within this positively charged planet as possible to aid in the coming harvest.

    Regarding The New World Order. The phrase appears to be a misnomer. It is possible that what we are now witnessing is the dieing breath of The Old World Order.

    If we look deeply into The Book of Revelation, The Law of One and the other related material found;

    here we discover a battle that ends Anti-Christs’ “Obama?” old world Corporatocracy and the beginning of The Christs’ New World Order free from greed, materialism and the religiosity that was created by the parasitic minds of the Pharisee.

  2. FR
    The old world order is in full swing, although i do believe that a “counter force” is evolving. That is, human conciousness.

    Some believe that christ is the self and self realisation. We need to reestablish our own sense of responsibility, which, if nurtured and encouraged, will prevent the false Animus/ Big daddy leviathans from gaining control over us.

    I like the content of your links. It is good to review all concepts and to expand knowledge.

  3. Yes, it would appear that The Christ is not, again, a physical manifestation, per say, but rather is a consciousness within the human genome, therefore that “still small voice” waiting within to be activated.

    Thank you for your complimentary comments, it is good to realize others not caught in the dogma, but rather are open to the endless possibilities we are allowed here.

  4. FR
    The guy I met some months back, started talking about homeopathy in the medication sence and a kind of spiritual sense. I would LOVE for homeopathy to be true as it has the potential of robbing would rob frankly speaking, nasty BigPharma of their power overnight.

    The man I was speaking to was highly intelligent and mentioned he’d recently read a book (details of which I can’t recall) on homeopathy-like subjects. Unless I’m very much mistaken, the man reported the book as attributing “signatures/signals” that affected the cell including things like ‘passing’ on cancer signals.

    Prior to that, I was excited to have come across this man, as from out initial conversation I thought I could tap into his intelligence to help me connect several loose leads in homeopathy-like aspects.

    So I questioned him as to what does ‘signature’ actually mean, where did these signatures came from and how they were measured etc…. Very sadly it seemed he had simply accepted the writings of the book with no critical analysis of what he was reading, which I guess many of us do on occasions – especially when it’s something that will reinforce out prejudices.

    So here’s the thing… Just as the ‘signatures’ bit was junk, so is much of philosophy. I’ve seen enough ‘junk philosophy’ to be able to wax lyrical spin-dzzy for days without actually saying anything of substances, a bit like an art interpreter who reads the duality of man into a photo of a tin of sardines.

    I don’t mean to offend but all this talk of positive/negative energy, Aannunaki (Nirabu etc) is the same. Academic snobs are quick to circle the wagons, cordoning off an inner sanctum where only the few in supposed possession of expanded(-cum-superior) consciousness and/or powers of contemplation dwell. LOL. When such union tactics are displayed, you know what the score is.

    What has abstract(inc secular) philosophy brought us? Nothing. I enter this…Aldous Huxley: The Gravity of Light as my prime evidence.

    I felt like stabbing myself in the eyeballs watching it.

    I’m sorry.

    I don’t discount non-physical dimensions to life, in fact I believe they are very well founded, in fact it even carried a name: It’s called theology. All these other mystical, things, in detachment of theology, is extraordinarily weak and ill founded – lacking gravitas to warrint fashioning your life to any degree of sensibility. Like I said I don’t mean to offend, but I never cease to be amazed at how people subscribe to the most flimsy of faiths, in stark contrast to the elephant in the room – faults and all.

  5. Yes, I do understand your concern. Viewing the few minutes I did of the video, watching the personality types was getting a bit irritating, even for me. ^_^

    If you ever hear David Wilcock while channeling Ra, you’d think the young man had lost the whole sack of marbles.

    There are many things around me I can not, have not the cognition, nor the understand to explain, as yet. Therefore, I can not yet judge what is reality and what is not.

    Is why I call myself an explorer, a seeker on the path. Focusing now on leaving my moral/religious bias in my past, I am free to experience all of creations’ realities.

    I am greatly enjoying my journey,

    Namasté to all

  6. I hope your journey brings you face to face with the truth. I would be so happy if, just before the end of it all, you would weigh up all that you have seen and learned with The Creator. I am convinced any open minded, open hearted person will not fail to see what the truth is, despite the rather poor behaviour of it’s human advocates.

    A friend of mine once said something like “Islam is like a box of chocolates. You just want to share the joys of it” and I attended a talk today by an inspiring gentleman who has brought many people to Islam. He mentioned a convert to Islam as saying “Thank God I found Islam before I found Muslims!” – LOL.

    Anyway… I will make doah for all intelligent and respected people I come across.

  7. LW&FR
    It seems as if we are going against the stream and proving that level headed conversation can take place between people of different standpoints. It is also encouraging to find the lack of judgemental xenophobia, but instead, a hope that we all find our way home, regardless the roads we take.

    Thanks to you both for your wisdom and love.

  8. “just before the end of it all,” that’s the beauty, it appears that there is no end to the journey. The journey itself is endless, always seeking its truth, its reality.

    It appears that as we learn, Primary Creator learns staying one thought ahead of our learning curve. (I know your thoughts before you think them) It’s as if Creator is learning of Itself, experiencing, growing and learning vicariously through It’s own creation (children) of Itself, over and over in an endless cycle of progression.

    Now that’s cool, if you ask this old coot ^_^

  9. I’m not unaccustomed to beautiful ‘wow’ poetry, clever abstract(imo) thinking and turn of phrase etc, but I do question their usefulness and strength in regard to, and comparison with, what I deem as ‘useful knowledge’. {Yes I know that’s subjective}

    Thinking outside the box is fine, but if that box is an endless time wasting spaghetti maze of the human mind then what’s it worth? The antagonist posted a short clip of Terence McKenna doing what McKenna does best, talking bucketloads, devoid of content. See here:
    I say all this out of concern so that travellers don’t get lost. Done now.

  10. At this point in human development there does not appear to be a certain “Truth” per say, all is based on imagination, hearsay, and much speculation.

    It appears the whole point of being here is to see past all of the various ideologies each has and find the common rational, to love one another despite our perceptions of others.

    It occurred to me some time back, that if I can set my bias aside, and love all people as does Creator’s perfected manifestation of love, then I have discovered my truth.

    In that truth, I have discovered freedom to explore the endless possibilities the universe has to offer.

  11. it all true we should start a group to stop there plans bcause there going to make a big strom to destroy half of america if want more info vist my email

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