Culture And the New World Order

Fellow Humans

If you have been paying attention, you will have noticed an increased assault on the traditional nation-state structure. To achieve the destruction of a nation state, there are specific structures that have to be dismantled. Culture is the main building block of the state. The culture stems from the historical record of belief systems, customary family and social interactions and the engagements of the governed against the rulers. All of these factors develop a genetic imprint on the members and structures of our society.

Flooding large numbers of immigrants that hold a different cultural belief is intended to water down traditional values and “muddy the waters” of the existing cultural identity. Activists have been very active in overriding the existing culture in favour of alien cultures, policing language, speech and opinions, and marginalizing concerned citizens using labelling and vilification. The media amplifies this and creates a chilling effect on opinion.

In the main, diversity can be seen as a benefit to society. We all appreciate the different foods and arts and knowledge that diversity brings. But the attempt to extinguish traditional British culture and replace it with a McDonalds style one size fits all international culture will delete any positives that different cultural diversity can bring.

The Neo Liberal movement, which is not in any way related to the traditional Individualist liberals like Thomas Paine, Montesquieu, Rousseau et al,and further, which is more aligned with collectivist socialism has been active in the education system for many years. Training,or should I say indoctrinating the youth to become the movement of tomorrow is an old technique of authoritarian regimes and has created the new phenomenon of the social Justice warrior. These young folks are, in the main, inexperienced children who have only known their parents house, school and university, having replaced mom and dad with the surrogate parentage of their professors and mentors. They have sucked up much in the way of left-wing ideology, channeled and moulded by localised consensus and peer pressure. The outcome is exactly as intended. Their world and historical knowledge is severely lacking and they are carrying out the collectivist action plan to perfection.

When studying the regimes of the Nazis, Stalinists and Khmer Rouge, the initial steps are always the categorisation of society in order to identify their enemies. when placed in a category, a number of labels are applied to the group with the final sanction of sentencing and punishment determinations for these groups. As the groups are targeted and picked off, others are lined up and created to assuage the thirst for domination that occupies the authoritarian mind.

So, those that form concern about their own nation and culture being overrun are classified as racist, fascist, xenophobic, homophobic capitalists. I have heard this very string of invective time and time again repeated by the SJW protesters. When challenged or questioned, they physically attack, throw urine and scream in the faces of those they despise. Incidentally, these attacks are mostly mob attacks where the initial assault runs into the crowd and disappears before retaliation can be activated, and the rest of the gang join in.

The so called progressive left, the tolerant all accepting social justice movement decloaked and revealed their true colours post Brexit and Trump. intolerant, authoritarian, delusional idealogues who behave more like irrational children in the shopping isles when told they can’t have that packet of sweets. They claim to be progressive but support and back up the very organisations bent on destroying their way of life, which Incidently provides them with the freedom to voice their concerns, even if it means they want to silence anyone not of their inclination. This has even had the effect of the more traditional liberal-minded defecting from the progressive camp

It has to be admitted that these mobs are very active in marching and protesting. This is probably due to the fact that the fascist little Englanders and xenophobic conservative nationalists are not in the business of bossing everybody else around and demanding they change their language and opinions or else. All they want is to be left alone to live their lives in peace without the prospect of being culturally destroyed.

So here is a categorisation for you , how about progressive authoritarians. That is what you so-called progressives are.

Yours in Humanhood






BBC Pimps for Novartis

The BBC is at it again, pimping for vaccine manufacturers. As usual an “impartial” and caring charity is presented fronting the idea that we all need to be taking the Meningitis B vaccine at 2 months old upwards. The BBC also forgot to add any special interest disclaimers when interviewing the charity which, as usual, with a modicum of investigation (about a half hour) shows clear signs of conflict of interest.

Additionally, the old marketing psychology routine of artificial scarcity was used to stampede the public into demanding the vaccine be made available. On the face of it, this is just another corporate PR campaign to sell vaccines.

The organisation fronting this push is Meningitis Now. This organisation cites in its report and financial statements

“We are grateful to all of our corporate partners who have raised funds or provided “in-kind” support through the year including Caroline Gardner Cards, First Great Western, Just:: Health PR, Novartis Vaccines, Pfizer, GlaxoSmithKline plc, Connexus, Irwin Mitchell LLP, Foot Anstey LLP, Michelmores LLP, Pannone LLP, Renishaw plc, HSBC Bank plc, Galliford Try plc, Bristows LLP, A Shade Greener Ltd and Brightside Group plc.

Looking deeper into the report we find the following funding

  • Funding from GSK for our work with adolescents (£20,000)
  • Funding from Novartis Vaccines towards Volunteer Programme (£25,000), Partnership Programme (£10,000), postmerger costs (£17,972), Conference (£4,000), Awareness and Education (£22,500)
  • Funding from Pfizer towards awareness and education (£5,000)

That is £80,000 in funding from Novartis alone, who also happen to be the Vaccine manufacturer and marketer.

The EU Community register document for Bexsero (The vaccine name) quote some of the following which is worth reading.

“Bexsero is not expected to provide protection against all circulating meningococcal group B strains”

Adverse reactions

Very common: (≥1/10)

Common: (≥1/100 to <1/10)

Uncommon: (≥1/1,000 to <1/100)

Rare: (≥1/10,000 to <1/1,000)

Very rare: (<1/10,000)

Within each frequency grouping, undesirable effects are presented in order of decreasing seriousness.


Infants and children (up to 10 years of age)

Metabolism and nutrition disorders

Very common: eating disorders

Nervous system disorders

Very common: sleepiness, unusual crying

Uncommon: seizures (including febrile seizures)

Vascular disorders

Uncommon: pallor (rare after booster)

Rare: Kawasaki syndrome

Gastrointestinal disorders

Very common: diarrhoea, vomiting (uncommon after booster)

Skin and subcutaneous tissue disorders

Very common: rash (uncommon after booster)

Uncommon: eczema, urticaria

General disorders and administration site conditions

Very common: fever (≥38°C), injection site tenderness (including severe injection site tenderness

defined as crying when injected limb is moved), injection site erythema, injection site swelling,

injection site induration, irritability

Uncommon: fever (≥40°C)


Adolescents (from 11 years of age) and adults

Nervous system disorders

Very common: headache

Gastrointestinal disorders

Very common: nausea

General disorders and administration site conditions

Very common: injection site pain (including severe injection site pain defined as unable to perform

normal daily activity), injection site swelling, injection site induration, injection site erythema, malaise

Musculoskeletal and connective tissue disorders

Very common: myalgia, arthralgia

Double speak and the New world order

Fellow Humans

Perhaps I don’t understand plain English anymore. Maybe text speak or euronization changed our language while I was taking a nap. George Orwell would have been proud of the Conservative party in the UK after a multitude of double speak press releases. “I promise a referendum on Europe If we (meaning the conservative political collective) get voted in”. This translates into, “I never promised a referendum unless there is a significant change to the treaty and even if there is, I will find a way to tell you there isn’t”. “We have to learn some major lessons” interprets into “we just have to find another method of screwing you dumb facks over”

When are you political hacks going to realise that the game is up. The “fruitcake and closet racist” parade is on the march and all the name calling in the world won’t change that. UKIP is storming on and for your information Dave, we aren’t just peed with immigration and job prospects. Its lies, accountability, lobbyists, police state, war, excessive taxation, carbon taxes, lack of judicial oversight, lack of transparency, the destruction of our manufacturing base and export of business oversees (with taxpayers assistance) and many more.

I for one will support the UKIP in the next general election, not because I hate Europeans, but because I hate what a European supranational government represents. Our  grandfathers fought the idea of totalitarianism in a couple of bloody conflicts less that a century ago. Admittedly, the British empire was also a totalitarian dream and I for one am glad we are finished with that hullabaloo even if some are still enthralled by the idea and even trying to resurrect it economically in the City of London.

I would side with the devil himself to rid us of this fascism (yes, that is what it is, ask Mussolini) even if the UKIP don’t have all the answers. This arrangement is not about trade and peace. The 1955 Bilderberg conference notes leak outlined the formation of the EU and the single currency. Of course David Cameron and George Osborne would know this because they have attended Bilderberg and will probably attend again in Watford, Hertfordshire in June 2013.

Perhaps the Prime minister and his predessesors also have this language difficulty thing going on. I mean, attending secretive meetings involving over a hundred and twenty of the worlds state heads, industrialists, financiers, media moguls and the like with no transparency doesn’t sit well with me and many others. Practically the only people happy with this arrangement are the judiciary and the attendees themselves, as well as the snoozing public and docile grinning parliamentarians. Those of us with a few brain cells knocking about are alarmed, especially when familiar with the past revelations from Bilderberg conference policy.

The civil service code declares ” Civil servants must not misuse their official position or information acquired in the course of their official duties to further their private interests or those of others. Where an actual or perceived conflict of interest arises between a civil servant’s official duties and responsibilities and their private interests, they must make a declaration to senior management so that senior management can determine how best to proceed.” ( From the Cabinet manual) The copy I have has David Cameron’s signature on it. I guess, like the judiciary, he cant read either.

But not to worry. The Hertfordshire police will be, coincidentally, running an, ahem,  “security exercise” at the very same time the confab is on. It’s great to know that tax payers money and resources will be diverted to protect some of the richest folk in the world who will also bring on their own security details along for the jolly. Better forget calling rape!, fire! or mugging! in Hertfordshire over that weekend. There is one upside to all of this though. Hertfordshire police have offered to facilitate peaceful protest with the aid of surveillance teams and no doubt body Armour, probably in a quiet spot far far away.

Yours in Humanhood



Patriotism and the New World Order

Fellow humans

Patriotism, as the saying goes, is the last refuge of the scoundrel. The call to sacrifice for king and country is ages old, and the scoundrels who call for this sacrifice all know the magical power that altruism instils in the psyche of men. Patriotism is the virtue of the vicious.” wrote Oscar Wilde. He must have known Henry Kissinger who stated that “Military men are just dumb stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy.” Such is the nature and regard of those who send others to war. Such is the methodology of those who manipulate instinctive and noble sacrifice in the defence of the family or tribe, cleverly transmuting it into sacrifice to a flag which is no more representative of a people than a dirty puddle is representative of rain.

From the cradle, we are taught how our heroic ancestors fought and died defending the country against barbarian invaders. We are taught that it is the most noble of deeds to sacrifice our lives on the alters of freedom, democracy and empire. Images of the thin red line and the charge of the light brigade at Balaclava, the gallant determination of the redcoats at Rorke’s drift in Zululand, and the paratroopers dogged resistance at Arnhem call up that primal urge in men to test themselves in battle.

In peace time, rather than defending the tribe, the warrior instinct is redirected onto the sports field. The tribal elements and behaviour are clearly visible at a football game both at a team level and importantly, the spectator level. That’s right, at best, you are a spectator to a pseudo battle. If your team wins, you rejoice, if it loses, you weep, but you never, ever, get to change the outcome or benefit from your efforts.

Let’s face it. Those enthusiastic, cheering flag waving throngs who flooded out of factories and towns in the great patriotic mission to stop the dreaded Hun during WW1 soon found out exactly what sacrifice and patriotism meant. I think many of them would have agreed with George Bernard Shaw’s observation that “Patriotism is a pernicious, psychopathic form of idiocy” after a few months in the mud and blood. Others still, would defend the decision to war, and would grow to old age, and then on to their graves believing the Hun to be the enemy of humanity forever. Some more reflective types would write the lines of outrage in poems and books outlining the gritty horror of war, naked that we who come after them would stop the madness next time round. Erich Maria Remarque’s classic ”All quiet on the western front”, Norman Mailers “Naked and the dead”, Bob Masons “Chicken hawk” are all examples of this phenomenon.

Those that line the streets to salute and stand at stiff attention, to weep in the rain while another cortège of dead boys passes by are also infected with the same affliction of patriotism. If you care even remotely for those young boys, you would march on parliament and put a stop to this nonsense once and for all. If you cared at all, you would press the MOD to officially recognize that PTSD is real and that troops, who are limbic human beings after all, suffer from trauma after repeated tours of duty in high stress situations. You would take up the fight to improve the pittance called army pay and the conditions in which many of the forces families live. All the flag waving and saluting in the world does nothing for them, but it encourages the hell out of the New World order planners and profiteers who use it to recruit more canon fodder and to silence dissent.

If those dismembered and disfigured bodies have even the slightest of meaning, and have any mute tale to tell, it would be that death in the prime of life, even for a patriot, is not sweet. It is traumatic, confusing, sad and becomes a revolving door of misery as families and young wives and children suffer then loss of their men (sometimes for generations afterwards) frequently referred to as gallant, brave, honest, courageous and loving. Men who would be far better off fighting for better conditions and a better future for their own families. Men whose courage would be better spent facing down the criminal governmental and corporate monsters that threaten every aspect of our lives, and repeatedly attempt to drive us all, including the ones we are supposed to be at war with, further into dependency and poverty.

You see, It is not my wish to denigrate the bravery or professionalism and quality of those dead boys, or their comrades in arms who serve still. Their brotherhood and dedication to each other and to their mission displays the very best qualities and truest heart of the warrior. My wish is to clear the line between blind patriotism, and the most natural of warrior instincts, the protector. None of those boys in the hearses gained financially, emotionally, physically or otherwise from the call to arms. Their families remain in squalor while the architects of war profit from the plunder, and go on to make millions through speaking engagements and book sales to the clapping and adoration of the limousine set, the so called intelligencia who’s station is assured on the bones and blood of the fallen, and who very seldom, if ever, grapple hand to hand with our military foes.

With sadness I remember those heroic regiments going over the top in the battle of the Somme. I remember all of those who fought for regimes who brutalised them, eroded their individuality, destroyed their freedoms and abused their trust. I remember too the warriors of ancient Albion who fought the Caesars for their people, and who fell to prevent the freedom of our people from falling under the Roman Yoke and harness.

I get chills when i see those black and white films showing cheering crowds who rushed to meet Hitler on one of his many jaunts across the fatherland. All those cheering, smiling saluting people who never imagined that within five years, large numbers of them would be dead, and their fair cities bombed to blackened piles of rubble. Their women and daughters who shed tears of joy for Hitler, gang raped day after day by vengeful drunk Russian troops after the fall of Berlin. Poverty, starvation, and then sickness brought on by malnutrition. So much for the great dream Adolph.

Be watchful of those things to which you surrender your trust and faith. Take a few moments to ponder about where your personal patriotism lays. For me, mine lays in the deliverance of humaity from tyranny wherever it is found.

Yours in humanhood

Colonization and the New World Order

Fellow Humans

We are being colonized. Not by some extraterrestrial species, but by sectors of our own race. Every aspect of our lives, for generations, have been invaded and altered so that we have become accustomed, and indeed dependent to an alien system.

Albert Memmi wrote “The colonizer and the colonized” about the effects of colonization on the invader and the invaded. In 1957, he wrote about these effects on French and British colonies. The colonized were the brown, yellow and red peoples of the planet. The colonizer was the white European.

He explained that the history, culture, architecture, religion, law and art of the colonizer begins to take over the traditional values of the colonized, and eventually replaces it. “The most serious blow suffered by the colonized” he wrote “is being removed from history and from the community. Colonization usurps any free role in either war or peace, every decision contributing to his destiny and that of the world, and all cultural and social responsibility”

As a result, the colonized is out of the game and is reduced to apathy. He will disengage from the system that he cannot influence, and will relinquish his ability to shape his own history. He will accept his burdens and his exclusion from a decision making process which is designed to increase his feelings of inadequacy, and will even begin to participate and defend the alien system Once this happens, the cat is in the bag, and the colonizer gets to run the game.

The sparks of protest are advertised as greedy, anarchistic, detrimental and dangerous. The preservation of the status quo becomes the national objective. The system becomes a refuge in which the colonized retreats to save him from the utter annihilation he feels will come out of his shame of total defeat should the superstructure of the colonizer be pulled down.

With the advent of the G20, the colonized are paralysed by a system they do not understand, or have any influence in. They wait braced for will surely be another beating from the masters. The colonizers are no longer national. They are supranational. This time, it is not the little brown, black, red and yellow peoples who are the targets of the colonizer. It is the white Europeans and Americans who are finding themselves victim to this coup. The colonization ever expands until it has used up everything and begins to feed on itself. Take a look around you. Memmi was right.

Colonization is an ever present danger to us all. It will destroy us. It will change form, and it will not stop. The human cattle are the blood price of the dreams of the globalist colonizers.

The colonized will complain at my subject matter. Some will say it is all in negativity and out of sorts. For me, I am one of those tiny sparks of protest. As Memmi wrote “As soon as they dare speak, what will they tell just those people, other than of their malaise and revolt? Could words of peace or thoughts of gratitude be expected from those who have been suffering from a loan that compounds so much interest? For a loan which, besides, will never be anything other than a loan?”

Your in Humanhood

Trust and the New World Order

Fellow Humans

When you first meet some, say, at a party, the first item of conversation is usually “So, what do you do for a living?” or something similar. As if the occupation of the person is an indication of their humour, personality, parenthood, hobbies, or any of the other in a long list of traits one can possess.

If the person responds that they are a Doctor, you would automatically think them expert, diligent, dedicated, well off, respected and so on. If The person responds that they are a lawyer, you would expect them to be honest. A politician you would expect to have people’s best interests at heart, a business man, hard working.

Judging people by their looks, accent, job title and qualifications is a poor substitute for reality, and a striking indicator of imbalanced perception, and the biased slant in morality that we have been brought up to believe in. Wealth, popularity, fame and power are seen as positive qualities, while the more human oriented morals such as love, charity, empathy and honesty are not.

When seeking opinion, we seldom ask a housewife or a dustman. We always go for the usual style of pedagogue. Slick, suited, articulate in speech, usually accompanied by an acumen as long as their arm. These badges do not make their advice better than anyone else’s. Harold Shipmen is a doctor, Bernie Madoff is a business man. You get the picture.

How is it then that all these people, indeed, us all, were sucked into the schemes that make these people notorious? Why would a rational human being be fooled by, what turned out to be, pretty blatant scams? There can only be one tool to blame here. Irrational trust.

Trust is a two way street. Blind trust leads to exploitation. Mistrust leads to division and stagnation. Somewhere in between the two poles lies informed or conditional trust. This implies that a line must be drawn by the trustee over which the trusted must not cross. If the line is crossed, the trust is broken, and legitimate mistrust can be assumed. Just Waiting to see what happens will not do. Constant vigilance must be maintined over the activities of those you offer your very lives.

The financial turmoil we find ourselves unwittingly immersed in was caused by our apathetic attitude to our lines of trust. In fact, we trusted politicians to get lawyers to contain the businessmen that stole and stole. Every single financial watchdog the world over, failed to either heed the warnings of employees by shutting them up or getting rid of them, or turning a blind eye to the activities of the favoured. The government has betrayed our trust in so many ways recently I have lost count. This time, however, they have excelled. So many conditional lines have been broken in one fell swoop, the mind boggles. Not only that, they betray us yet more by digging into our pockets to bolster the failings that the businessmen, lawyers and politicians have made.

We, of course, sit and take it because we think that the failure of the banks is the bigger of the two evils. Rats in a trap! Head on the chopping block! Use any metaphor you like. The fact is this…Don’t trust in pedagogues, and don’t trust your fellows to hold to the line of condition UNLESS PROVED. We have all already shown how inept and lazy we are in protecting our values and rights. Are you not ashamed? Why did you not know about this? What else don’t you know about?

The Banking oligarchs control the corporations that control the government, and dont expect the corporate media to mention that. This is what blind trust has bought us. The New World Order intends to use this crisis to centralise control of currency and the economic machinery, and we are paying for it. Governments across the globe are now bankrupt, and as a result are joining in partnership with the deep pockets of the transnationals. In short, a partnership is being formed between government and big business. This means your nation is no more a sovereign state, IT’S JUST AN ASSET!

It is now clear as a bell. Those who consider themselves the cream are in fact blind, trusting fools, just like us, who trust the programmes set by the likes of the UN, and who I wouldn’t buy a used car from if you paid me. Enough! No more Mr nice guy. Kick them out of office, arrest the criminals among them and re-establish the line.

Yours in humanhood

Collectivism and the New World Order

Fellow Humans

Since the dawn of time, the struggle between freedom and domination has raged. Adam and Eve were expelled form the Garden of Eden for defying the divine law. That is, the law handed down from above from the master to the slave. The master requires obedience; in return the slave gets security. Despots have gained control again and again and have inflicted terror and horror on common people. Tyrants are overthrown in bloody revolts that themselves, on many occasions, become despotic themselves. A good example of this is the Bolshevik revolution.

In reality, the battle is between the individual and the collective. The idea that we should all be part of a collective structure suits the aims of only a part of the total number of a people, usually and elite set, which of course, is a contradiction in itself. If you cannot get the sanction of the complete populace for your collective organisation, you will subject those not in agreement to a system they dislike and do not wish to participate in, to force. That by definition is tyranny although it is cloaked in the flag of democracy. The greater good is no good to those who suffer it.

The argument presented by egalitarians to counter the equalitarian stance that individualism is exclusively self interest is flawed. Ego and individualism are not the same, just as collectivism and altruism are not the same. An individual can be a part of a group, as often happens, but remain a separate entity within the whole. For the most part, the majority agree that in order for society to function, we are required to sacrifice certain things. For example, we all get a driving license because we generally agree that a standard for driving is to the benefit of society as a whole. You therefore sacrifice your want to drive without interference for the benefit of all. You would not, though, want a camera in the dashboard that monitors your every action.

Can a handful of political parties cover the needs of the 65 million people of the UK? I think not, and anyway, who in his right mind could contend that he is a conservative, or a socialist or a liberal? As if your personal views on a wide range of subjects is strictly within the definitions of these political standpoints. You might agree with the death penalty, but you would want the method to be humane, despite the fact that the outcome is the same. You might believe in free speech, but not tolerate radical views to be broadcasted over the airwaves. You cannot have your cake and eat it.

So, as this engineered financial collapse takes hold and darkens, the powers that be will push a collectivist approach in everything. Centralisation of power is the game of the new millennium. In his inauguration speech, Obama, the new leviathan, used the terms duty, service and self sacrifice indicating the new required structure to save the US nation from this disaster. Obama’s youth brigades and, in the UK, the proposition of a national service for the young is being presented as we speak.

Gordon Brown continually calls for more globalised control in the form of a new Global order that will extricate us from the mire that globalisation introduced to the world in the first place. A globalisation that loosed corrupt corporations and the addicts of greed and power upon the globe without restriction by the very organisations that are supposed to protect the interests of citizens, namely government. A globalisation that smashed the fledgling but none the less functioning economies of South America. A globalisation responsible for the rape and pillage of every resource in the world, that has driven down wages, exploited vulnerable people, and artificially played the market prices of goods to exploit every possible cent of profit. A globalisation that signed up to the Global compact, but has broken every rule continually. A globalisation that ignored the warnings, or controlled the watchdogs that were supposed to act in the public interest to prevent the type of massive fraud revealed to a shocked public over past weeks.

Yes, the merger has begun. In the recent forums in Davos, the concept of Corporate global citizenship was presented to an obviously sycophantic audience. In the coming months they will push the new one world currency and banking ogranisation to “save the world”. A New World Order, the same NWO those mad conspiracy theorist tried to warn you about for years. The MOD and Police report on the prospect of riots as a result of the fraud of the century, and so they are preparing the Polimilitary to club down the rage. The very same riots predicted in IMF documents revealed by the great muck-raker himself, Greg Palast. The security forces, ignorant of the real facts, and indoctrinated by government training programmes will unleash their full force against the citizenry, while at the same time, their pension funds and children’s futures are raped by what is now clearly evident as illegitimate government in Britain.

Are you then, an individual? Or are you part of the collective? Unless you understand these concepts, their history, and their usual consequences, you will subject yourselves to the same brutality and horror seen under the likes of Stalin.

Yours in Human hood

Warnings and the New World Order

Fellow Humans

History is a great teacher. The old adage that we are doomed to repeat the history we ignore is no joke. For thousands of years, the little people have repeated tyranny after despotism. Tacitus’ Histories are littered with powerful families poisoning, killing, lying, conniving and generally being nasty to their opponents in their quest for Godhood.

The fact that common people are emotionally whipped up to support these unsavoury characters is beyond me. Those common people mostly ended their lives coughing up their blood on a dusty battlefield in just about every corner of the globe. When the battles were won, or lost as the case may be, the power mongers step into privileged positions, even offering status to their opponent, while the common soldiers who survived were executed, enslaved, imprisoned, or dropped faster than a skunk with fleas.

Today, the story is the same. You would have thought we would have seen through this farce by now, but alas, the idiot sheeple still, it seems, have a penchant for masochism. British troops are fast approaching exhaustion after too many ”tours” (almost sounds like a holiday) in the middle east and with no end in sight. What becomes of those maimed and bloodied men and Women some of whom have lost innocence and will never be psychologically the person they were before.

From the linked document below, evidence given to the select committee on Defence, “The MoD has still not published a coherent policy regarding the detection and treatment of PTSD in British service personnel. Despite convening a major conference to study the issue of PTSD as long ago as 2001, the MoD has failed to develop a policy in the interim period. Given that in four of the six intervening years our armed services have been involved in four major conflicts, the lack of a policy appears, at the very least, to represent a failure of planning. Part of the problem arises from a failure even to acknowledge the existence of PTSD” This comment made after PTSD has been recognised by many authorities on the subject since WW1.

Add to this “According to the National Ex-Services Association as many as 7% of the total prison population in the UK is made up of veterans. Many of these prisoners are serving life sentences for murder, some committed while suffering from PTSD flashbacks”, and you will see that the warnings from the past ring true yet again.

This is not an attack on the troops themselves. The professionalism and true grit of the British armed forces is well documented, but young men, from birth, fed a diet of King and country or my country right or wrong are born and bred cannon fodder for those who seek Godhood, just as those Roman legions in the past were used and discarded.

The Media still refuses to ask the right questions. They pose the false truth questioning time and again, “Do you support the troops?” Of course we do. They are our fathers, sons brothers and sisters They are our flesh and blood, misled and mismanaged by lusting politicians, cheered to war by selfish inexperienced armchair warriors, sitting in homes around the Country, who cry out for the blood of their suggested enemies, but know nothing of the suffering endured, not only by our own, but by the euphemistically named collateral damage, which usually amounts to women and children. Why don’t they ask,”Do you support the war?” Simple, they already know what the answer to that is.

Another thing, when politicians cast out warnings to us across the airwaves, like the recent Joe Biden and Colin Powell statements of a coming catastrophe in the next few months, we ought to pay attention because history is full of prearranged “disasters” designed to manipulate public reaction or, as Walter Lippman put it, to trample the herd in one or other direction. This warning was backed up again by Michael Bayer , Chairman of the US defence business board. He stated that the New President should “prepare for a likely first-270-days crisis.” Somebody, it seems, is in the know. A pity it is that we are left out of the loop.

So, the title of this latest offering was Warnings and the New World Order. We have been repeatedly warned by those who have gone before us. We really ought to be a bit smarter about all of this. All I can do is try and inform you. If you choose to sleepwalk into another disaster because it is too much bother to deal with, the cost will rise. Just remember one thing though, Your inaction condemns your fellows along with you. In this, there is no them and us, only our bond as human beings matters.

You have been warned

Yours in Humanhood


Morality and the New World Order

Fellow Humans


Ask Yourself, Whatever happened to your morals?.


I can still hear my mothers words ringing in my ears..give up your seat for old people on the bus, always say please and thank you, giving is better than receiving.


Then I grew up and entered the real world. Dog eat dog,  money is power, I’m alright jack.


One of the most abhorrent ditties is “it’s just business”… meaning all is fair in the name of making profits. As if you can justify any activity at the expense of your fellows just to make a killing, and frequently it is. As if all culpability and responsibility for your heinous actions are laid in sacrifice at the feet of whatever organisation you deify.


The current financial crisis is a case in point. The bankers cheered and celebrated as they exploited yet another market, while the working families were due, at a future date, to lose their homes and jobs. All, it seems, is fair in love and war, and the war is on. Only, those who abuse are seldom penalised. Indeed they are a protected species.


The abuses of prisoners and the civilian casualties in the fake “war on terror” are another. That one person would abuse others because of an order or a paycheck is ridiculous and sad. Can you not see it?? Are you too far gone to realise the harm you do, not just to the victim, but to those who love them and ultimately, yourself and those who love you?


What has happened to us? Why do some choose to integrate themselves into a value system that is handed down to us by the same elites who have parasitically sucked on the weak for thousands of years? A value system that benefits those who rule and degrades and humiliates those who try to lead good lives beneath the whip.


We have become nihilistic passive observers of abuse and intolerance. We stand idly by while the monsters run riot and pillage not only our world, but also our souls. It is almost as if we are revelling in the destruction of our morality, gaining a perverted satisfaction in the annihilation of a set of outdated principles that we believe have failed us. Like the good captain, we hold the wheel fast as the waves overwhelm the sinking ship, helping it to fail and aiding its ride to the cold bottomless ness.


We reason that our leaders are crooked, so why bother. We allow those most infected by the sickness of greed and power to influence every aspect of our being, both material and spiritual. The New World order is creating a sick society that suits their sick psychosis. Just as the psychopath in the movie builds his shrine and decorates his abode with body parts to create an enviroment he feels comfortable in, so the world is being moulded so that the sick feel at home here.


Stand up!, Come out from amongst them. Return your thoughts to the ideals of righteousness. Honour, chivalry, empathy, love, respect, humanity are your new watchwords. Purify your hearts and rid them of the sickness that seeks to destroy the fabric of our shared brotherhood.


This is an epic moment in history. This is the fulcrum, the fork in the road that leads to oppression and tyranny, or to light, understanding and prosperity. You know you can feel it. You know the choice must be made. Then make it…


Join the army of your true brothers and sisters. Come over to the side of truth and humanity. Regain your honour and stand with your head high amongst your peers.


Yours in humanhood


Medicine and the New World Order

Fellow Humans


There is a new fad in the world. Pharmaceutical madness has infected the world with a drug to solve every little twinge, mental, neurological and physical. From the cradle to the grave, a host of chemical cocktails are promoted to “give you an edge” over nature. There is a cost, and this cost is high.


News media play on fear. HPV, Flu pandemics, the dangers of vitamins (once lauded by the very same media) are constant news articles with the animus like experts encouraging a confused public to take vaccinations just in case.


The dire truth is that vaccinations and other available medications cause death, paralysis, Autism and many other side effects. A few examples for you.



“Smith-Kline–French (the pharmaceutical company who became Smith-Kline-Beecham and were involved in UK manufacture at that time) were concerned about these safety issues and were reluctant to obtain a UK license for their Urabe-containing vaccines. As a result of their ‘concern’ that children might be seriously damaged by one of their products, they requested that the UK government indemnify them against possible legal action that might be taken as a result of ‘losses’ associated with the vaccine, which by then was known to carry significant risk to health. The UK government, advised by Professor Salisbury and representatives from the Department of Health, in it’s enthusiasm to get a cheap MMR onto the market, agreed to this request. Clearly, the DoH and UK government were well aware of the problems occurring with the Urabe strain of mumps vaccine not only before the vaccine was given to millions of children in this country, but even before the vaccine was approved for licence. Concerns were clearly referred to in the Minutes of the Joint Sub-Committee on Adverse Reactions to Vaccination and Immunisation, (ARVI) March 8th, 1988.”



“A 14 year-old girl took six steps after being injected with the vaccine before she collapsed to the floor unconscious and foaming at the mouth. The girl regained consciousness after “a 60 second grand mal seizure” and had “pale clammy skin” and blood pressure of 60/40.


A VAERS report from a physician stated a female patient was inoculated with a dose of Gardasil and, “Subsequently, the patient experienced a coma and is now paralyzed.” 


Merck & Co. has invested heavily in getting US states to mandate Gardasil to schoolgirls as young as 11 for sexually transmitted HPV in order to beat out rival GlaxoSmithKline’s vaccine Cervarix. Merck successfully lobbied the FDA to fast track Gardasil to the market, which critics have charged essentially makes US women part of a massive testing experiment”



“Just two days after the injection, Rita Gillooly, 66, was struck down by the same bug which hospitalised Celtic star Morten Wieghorst.

Doctors have told Rita’s family there is “no doubt” that the jab brought on Guillain Barre Syndrome – a condition affecting the nervous system which paralyses sufferers.

Last night, her son John said: “I wouldn’t want anyone to die the way my mother did. She couldn’t even talk at the end. People aren’t aware that the injection can cause death”



“A four-year investigation by Britain’s Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Authority (MHRA) found that Glaxo held back evidence that suggested the drug increased the risk of suicidal behaviour in people under 18. The company won’t be prosecuted because the law in the U.K. is unclear on when or whether companies are required to report such findings to regulators”


“The study, published in the respected journal PLoS Medicine, suggests hundreds of thousands of Britons are needlessly taking powerful – and potentially dangerous – drugs.

As well as suicide and suicidal thoughts, side-effects associated with the drugs studied and other SSRI (Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor) anti-depressants range from self harm to anxiety, insomnia, nausea, headaches and vomiting.

Seroxat alone has been linked to at least 50 suicides – both adult and child – in the UK since 1990.”


“Fluoride has been linked to cot death, eczema and Alzheimer’s. It has been shown, at low doses, to cause genetic damage. And it has been linked by doctors from the National Cancer Institute and the National Health Federation to cancer.

Because fluoride causes collagen, an essential structural component in skin, muscle, ligaments and bone, to disintegrate, big question-marks are being raised over its possible contribution to arthritis, a problem that has increased by 63 per cent since 1997, and which now affects 70 million Americans.”

It is interesting to note also that Fluoride was a major component in Nazi and communist concentration camps, designed to dumb down and pacify the populations of these camps. This was revealed in 1954 by research chemist Charles Perkins in his letter to the Lee Foundation

“I have your letter of September 29 asking for further documentation regarding a statement made in my book, “The Truth about Water Fluoridation”, to the effect that the idea of water fluoridation was brought to England from Russia by the Russian Communist Kreminoff. In the 1930’s Hitler and the German Nazis envisioned a world to be dominated and controlled by a Nazi philosophy of pan-Germanism. The German chemists worked out a very ingenious and far-reaching plan of mass-control which was submitted to and adopted by the German General Staff. This plan was to control the population in any given area through mass medication of drinking water supplies. By this method they could control the population in whole areas, reduce population by water medication that would produce sterility in women, and so on. In this scheme of mass-control, sodium fluoride occupied a prominent place.

“Repeated doses of infinitesimal amounts of fluoride will in time reduce an individual’s power to resist domination, by slowly poisoning and narcotizing a certain area of the brain, thus making him submissive to the will of those who wish to govern him. [A convenient and cost-effective light lobotomy? — Ott].

“The real reason behind water fluoridation is not to benefit children’s teeth. If this were the real reason there are many ways in which it could be done that are much easier, cheaper, and far more effective. The real purpose behind water fluoridation is to reduce the resistance of the masses to domination and control and loss of liberty.”

“When the Nazis under Hitler decided to go to Poland, both the German General Staff and the Russian General Staff exchanged scientific and military ideas, plans, and personnel, and the scheme of mass control through water medication was seized upon by the Russian Communists because it fitted ideally into their plans to communize the world.”

“I was told of this entire scheme by a German chemist who was an official of the great I.G. Farben chemical industries and was also prominent in the Nazi movement at the time. I say this with all the earnestness and sincerity of a scientist who has spent nearly 20 years’ research into the chemistry, biochemistry, physiology and pathology of fluorine — any person who drinks artificially fluorinated water for a period of one year or more will never again be the same person mentally or physically.”

Signed: CHARLES E. PERKINS, Chemist, 2 October, 1954.


Do not trust the word of the authorities. Research the drugs they want to administer to you and your children. It is clear that government and medical establishment funding is embellished by big pharma. You are lab rats in the New world order. Their ambition is to create a chemical, scientific society ruled by them, with a dumbed down slave horde to serve them. Don’t go quietly.

Yours in Humanhood