Culture And the New World Order

Fellow Humans

If you have been paying attention, you will have noticed an increased assault on the traditional nation-state structure. To achieve the destruction of a nation state, there are specific structures that have to be dismantled. Culture is the main building block of the state. The culture stems from the historical record of belief systems, customary family and social interactions and the engagements of the governed against the rulers. All of these factors develop a genetic imprint on the members and structures of our society.

Flooding large numbers of immigrants that hold a different cultural belief is intended to water down traditional values and “muddy the waters” of the existing cultural identity. Activists have been very active in overriding the existing culture in favour of alien cultures, policing language, speech and opinions, and marginalizing concerned citizens using labelling and vilification. The media amplifies this and creates a chilling effect on opinion.

In the main, diversity can be seen as a benefit to society. We all appreciate the different foods and arts and knowledge that diversity brings. But the attempt to extinguish traditional British culture and replace it with a McDonalds style one size fits all international culture will delete any positives that different cultural diversity can bring.

The Neo Liberal movement, which is not in any way related to the traditional Individualist liberals like Thomas Paine, Montesquieu, Rousseau et al,and further, which is more aligned with collectivist socialism has been active in the education system for many years. Training,or should I say indoctrinating the youth to become the movement of tomorrow is an old technique of authoritarian regimes and has created the new phenomenon of the social Justice warrior. These young folks are, in the main, inexperienced children who have only known their parents house, school and university, having replaced mom and dad with the surrogate parentage of their professors and mentors. They have sucked up much in the way of left-wing ideology, channeled and moulded by localised consensus and peer pressure. The outcome is exactly as intended. Their world and historical knowledge is severely lacking and they are carrying out the collectivist action plan to perfection.

When studying the regimes of the Nazis, Stalinists and Khmer Rouge, the initial steps are always the categorisation of society in order to identify their enemies. when placed in a category, a number of labels are applied to the group with the final sanction of sentencing and punishment determinations for these groups. As the groups are targeted and picked off, others are lined up and created to assuage the thirst for domination that occupies the authoritarian mind.

So, those that form concern about their own nation and culture being overrun are classified as racist, fascist, xenophobic, homophobic capitalists. I have heard this very string of invective time and time again repeated by the SJW protesters. When challenged or questioned, they physically attack, throw urine and scream in the faces of those they despise. Incidentally, these attacks are mostly mob attacks where the initial assault runs into the crowd and disappears before retaliation can be activated, and the rest of the gang join in.

The so called progressive left, the tolerant all accepting social justice movement decloaked and revealed their true colours post Brexit and Trump. intolerant, authoritarian, delusional idealogues who behave more like irrational children in the shopping isles when told they can’t have that packet of sweets. They claim to be progressive but support and back up the very organisations bent on destroying their way of life, which Incidently provides them with the freedom to voice their concerns, even if it means they want to silence anyone not of their inclination. This has even had the effect of the more traditional liberal-minded defecting from the progressive camp

It has to be admitted that these mobs are very active in marching and protesting. This is probably due to the fact that the fascist little Englanders and xenophobic conservative nationalists are not in the business of bossing everybody else around and demanding they change their language and opinions or else. All they want is to be left alone to live their lives in peace without the prospect of being culturally destroyed.

So here is a categorisation for you , how about progressive authoritarians. That is what you so-called progressives are.

Yours in Humanhood






Fraud and the New World Order

Fellow Humans

Well, we are finally here. Your faithful political servants, whether in London, Brussels or America want you, or to be more precise, your money. Recent developments have fostered the realization that derivatives were junk, and have slaughtered western economies and are now threatening to unpick the great socialist integration dream of Europa. The gherkin is is stuck in our collective throats and we are choking to death.

The problem is that Gerald Celente’s “white shoe boys” were both responsible for and the beneficiaries of the derivatives scam. What is worse is that post 2008, trading in these OTC (over the counter) securities has continued unabated. There was I hoping that national regulatory agencies and government financial bodies would put the brakes on these practices seeing that they created so much mess, but, alas, not even a zephyr of protest has entered the establishment or the mainstream media.

Don’t expect the mainstream media to cover what the content of this giant deficit in the UK either. All they tell you is we have a big debt caused by the banking crisis and we all have to muck in. To hell with that! I am willing to bet that government was using taxpayers money to invest in the stock markets, and found they had been had because they didn’t understand the complex fraudulent financial instruments. They trusted the banks that have recently been found to be laundering funds for terrorism, drug cartels and other assorted miscreants. Poor things.

We now find ourselves hard pressed and the savings made for our futures dwindle through attrition and the devaluation of our currency via quantative easing or, printing more money. Both father and mother are out at work trying to make ends meet while they ship their kids off to state run schools for “re-education”. Heaped upon this dung heap are additional tariffs on energy, fuel, food and services further stuffing the gherkin, as well as the wonderful donations to questionable orgs such as the Syrian FSA

What will the future say of us, we who tolerate a culture where the term “stealth tax” is nomenclaturally acceptable.
We who look on passively while every regulatory body including the financial services authority, Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency, Food standards agency, The charity commission, The advertising standards Authority and many others turn a blind eye to corruption and fraud despite the warnings and whistleblower testimony.
We who, like reptiles, lie still while fraudulent and extortionate taxes and levies are placed upon us and increased incrementally. We who turn away while the legislative and judicial bodies of government remain silent while the perpetrators of these frauds strut around the business and world stages in an orgy of co-congratulatory fawning and backslapping.

Now they are brazenly beta testing extracting money directly from our bank accounts. Cyprus is not a storm in a tea cup. It will soon become policy world wide just as soon as they recognise they can get away with it.

The old Roman legal maxim states “Let he who would be deceived be deceived”, and it is the maxim of the corrupt now lining the walls of our homeland, and the fodder of the docile.

I have another for them “Fiat justitia ruat caelum”.

The time has come to resist this, what can only be called, tyranny. You reader are the resistance. This is your responsibility. This is your duty. This is your time. Your world is hanging by a thread. Have you courage to do the right thing?

As Wallace said in Braveheart. “If you wont join us now, I’ll call you cowards”

Yours in humanhood

Net neutrality and the New World Order

Fellow Humans

The internet is the most modern of revolutions. Indeed it is the modern renaissance.Writng as we know it has only been practiced for about 5000 years. The printing press has only been around for a few hundred and the internet for a few decades.

From the humble beginnings of the first spoken words, human communication has been about social interaction. A need to transmit knowledge and to solve problems is the basis behind all communication throughout history.

The first written scripts were historical documents, detailing the life and times of our ancestors. Later we began to impart theories as our understanding grew. The advent of the printing press created the first opportunity for ideas to be transmitted with low overheads. This was a great tool and was quickly snapped up as a means of social control.

Communication fast became one way traffic as the newspapers of the day provided all the information required. People put their faith in the media and they became the “people’s watchdog”. Later, television increased the role and the public sucked up the information they were given. Today, the words of the media are by and large, trusted and taken as Gospel.

The Internet changed all that. It reopened the two way communication routes once again. Common people could enter the arguments of the day and impart their views across the world. They can make their own documentaries, books, videos and poetry.

They can also form groups and challenge the “official” line. About 90% of all internet content is attributed to input from private individuals.

The big media outlets want the monopoly back in their hands. They are pushing for regulation and restriction under the “net neutrality” argument. They wish to return to the one way communication that gave them huge profit and control. They are constructing an internet world where they will supply the services that you will pay for, much like the digital and satellite systems on the television.

Creators of the modern internet are outraged. The internet belongs to no man or company. The internet revolution, unless we take action, will be back in the hands of the corporations who had nothing to do with its creation, software, or content. All the phone companies do is carry the signals on the cable networks, which we pay for. Nothing else!

Internet 2 is on the cards. If you value your freedom of expression, choice and interaction, you must resist this. One way mass programming is a tool of the New World Order. They must not be allowed to retake this avenue of free speech and activity from us.

Your in Humanhood


Children and the New World Order

Fellow Humans

Children are the future. They are born pure of mind, and throughout life, gain the attributes associated with their surroundings. The early years. or formative years, are crucial to the eventual outcome of the child’s personality and traits. It is believed that, even in the womb, children are shaped by the status of the mother and her surroundings.

So, what could be more important that ensuring the child grows in a healthy and loving environment. What could be more important than assuring the child is introduced to the wonders of the world and its knowledge, given the facts, allowing that child to forward man’s greatest journey with their imagination, creativity and the passion of youth.

That, I am afraid, is not what is happening. Instead, the parents spend the entire day at work, the child packed off to a state school, indoctrinated by a state program, returns home to find the parents exhausted, spends much of the few hours watching television, or alone behind a screen. The family structure has virtually been destroyed.

Many teachers inside the state school system are good souls with a real interest in the wellbeing of their charges. But they are tied into a system that strictly controls their activities, reduces their autonomy. In fact, I would say that teachers spend much of their time filling out performance management forms, evaluations, assessments, and individual education plans. They are the undervalued charges our most cherished concern.

It is crystal clear that social change agents are operating across the board, to shape and mould children into the human resources of the future. These change agencies operate at the behest of the New World Order gameplanners. The use of globalist, humanist and socialist material in the indoctrination process, coupled with pressures for the children to conform, are creating a herd like mentality, and an unquestioning attitude to information they are presented with. In short, the individuality of the child is under attack, and the colonisation of their minds by forces unseen is underway.

On top of this, Parents are being portrayed as dysfunctional and obstructive. Their role is being reduced to that of the baby factory. Indeed, new measures in the children Act, plan to put the surrogate social carer in place to accompany and mentor the child through the early years into their early adulthood.

A quote that puts all this into a perspective.

“One cannot permit submission to parental authority if one wishes to bring about profound social change….In order to effect rapid changes, any such centralised regime must mount a vigorous attack on the family lest the traditions of present generations be preserved. It is necessary, in other words, artificially to create an experiential chasm between parents and children to insulate the latter in order that they can more easily be indoctrinated with new ideas. The desire may be to cause an even more total submission to the state, but if one wishes to mould children in order to achieve some future goal, one must begin to view them as superior, inasmuch as they are closer to this future goal. One must also study their needs with care in order to achieve this difficult preparation for the future. One must teach them not to respect their tradition-bound elders, who are tied to the past and know only what is irrelevant.” Warren Bennis and Philip Slater The Temporary society 1968

If you love your children, you must look at the state education program. Talk to the children about some of these subjects and you may be surprised to hear the answers. Take a look at the content of exams. Examine the outcomes that are set, you will find the outcomes are the same, no matter which part of the land you reside. Take a look at the organisations and NGO’s getting involved in the education system. Demand a return to academia and the teaching of facts, not ideology, not policy, not the New World Order agenda

Yours in Humanhood

Psychology and the the New World Order

Fellow Humans

Propaganda is an everyday tool used to manipulate people into a certain activity. It has been used to justify some of the most heinous of crimes and the redirection of thought for political and marketing needs. Human psychology is a factor we need, desperately, to understand if we are ever to throw off the yoke of tyranny and serfdom.

Erich Fromm wrote numerous works on the subject of human reaction to threat, and how our underlying mentality deals with it. When we examine the base reaction to threat, our “animal behaviour” bids us to do one of two things. Fight or flee. The primary difference between the animal and us is (as Fromm notes) mans ability of foresight. What this means is that an animal sees a threat as immediate in the present. We on the other hand have the ability to calculate a transgression by weighing up the odds. An example of this would be the nuclear build up during the cold war. We perceived, through information sources, that the Soviets wanted to dominate militarily, or even invade the west.. This in turn caused us to scale up our military machine. The Soviets did the same calculation and began to raise their own arsenals. The threat, one could argue, was perceived, and it represents one of histories finest examples of benign aggression.

Looking at this in the context of reaction to 911, we have part of the effected people displaying anger, another turning to authority for protection, and perhaps a bit of both in all of us. The perceived threat was generously advertised by the media, entrenching the feeling, and resulting in a wave of divisive hatred across the globe. I f we look at the attack on a different level, we could say that a gang of muggers lives in the northern part of our town. Would it be right, or prudent to destroy the northern part of town under the perception that everyone there is a mugger?

The same logic can be used on the terrorists themselves. The perception that the west would eventually destroy their particular system and beliefs created the same benign aggressive behaviour that led to the events that day.

We move on now to the narcissistic tendencies that are so common around us. The idea that only the things and values we feel are important to us as individuals are important or real, and that other realities are not worthy, is opportunistic ground for propaganda. Group narcissism, such as patriotism or religious fanaticism can be forged into a tool to press an agenda. As Fromm stated, “it is not easy for a nations leader to tell the people to kill or be killed because industry needs cheaper raw materials, cheaper labour, or new markets……. In addition, these predictions of threat from the outside are often self-fulfilling: the aggressor state, by preparing for war, forces the state that is about to be attacked to prepare also, thereby providing the “proof “of the alleged threat.”

Michael Tsarion speaks of the Jungian Animus figure in our societies. Animus, for me, represents the motivating force that leads to a particular action. It also represents hostility, and in the persona, the father figure. The Animus is found in many places in our society. Many leaders, religious figures movie personas. For instance, The evangelical priest like Jimmy Swaggert, Joseph Stalin and Sean Connery (as Arthur in First Knight)

We are all essentially children. We, in times of great distress or trial, feel the need to rely on our father figures to protect and guide us. Our lack of confidence and our lack of information mean that we feel we cannot possibly make the right choices when it matters. We therefore hand over responsibility to the Animus, we promise obedience, which is what the Animus requires of us, and hide behind his coat tails. At the same time, the “small fish” in the big sea of the state may have a chance to prove himself worthy to the Animus by acts of loyalty, even if it means actions that are deplorable.

To put all this in a nutshell then, Planes are flown into the twin towers, the propaganda machine rolls, Fear and anger rages, The Animus offers to defend and protect, the people offer obedience, The planners advance their program. This is called manipulation.

We all need to step back and look at the big picture. If you cannot see it, Ask someone who can. For the common man, our material, cultural and informational (not sure if that’s a word, but hey) poverty, prevents us taking our own decisions and directing our lives in what should be a free world. Self-determination is our dream. Ill leave you with one last quote from a man who clearly saw much of this big picture.

“If civilian life provided the elements of adventurousness, solidarity, equality, and idealism that can be found in war, it may be very difficult, we may conclude, to get people to fight a war. The problem for governments in war is to make use of this rebellion by harnessing it for the purpose of war; simultaneously it must be prevented from becoming a threat to the government by enforcing strict discipline and the spirit of obedience to the leaders who are depicted as the unselfish, wise, courageous men protecting their people from destruction. (Fromm, 1973: ).

Yours in Humanhood