Double speak and the New world order

Fellow Humans

Perhaps I don’t understand plain English anymore. Maybe text speak or euronization changed our language while I was taking a nap. George Orwell would have been proud of the Conservative party in the UK after a multitude of double speak press releases. “I promise a referendum on Europe If we (meaning the conservative political collective) get voted in”. This translates into, “I never promised a referendum unless there is a significant change to the treaty and even if there is, I will find a way to tell you there isn’t”. “We have to learn some major lessons” interprets into “we just have to find another method of screwing you dumb facks over”

When are you political hacks going to realise that the game is up. The “fruitcake and closet racist” parade is on the march and all the name calling in the world won’t change that. UKIP is storming on and for your information Dave, we aren’t just peed with immigration and job prospects. Its lies, accountability, lobbyists, police state, war, excessive taxation, carbon taxes, lack of judicial oversight, lack of transparency, the destruction of our manufacturing base and export of business oversees (with taxpayers assistance) and many more.

I for one will support the UKIP in the next general election, not because I hate Europeans, but because I hate what a European supranational government represents. Our  grandfathers fought the idea of totalitarianism in a couple of bloody conflicts less that a century ago. Admittedly, the British empire was also a totalitarian dream and I for one am glad we are finished with that hullabaloo even if some are still enthralled by the idea and even trying to resurrect it economically in the City of London.

I would side with the devil himself to rid us of this fascism (yes, that is what it is, ask Mussolini) even if the UKIP don’t have all the answers. This arrangement is not about trade and peace. The 1955 Bilderberg conference notes leak outlined the formation of the EU and the single currency. Of course David Cameron and George Osborne would know this because they have attended Bilderberg and will probably attend again in Watford, Hertfordshire in June 2013.

Perhaps the Prime minister and his predessesors also have this language difficulty thing going on. I mean, attending secretive meetings involving over a hundred and twenty of the worlds state heads, industrialists, financiers, media moguls and the like with no transparency doesn’t sit well with me and many others. Practically the only people happy with this arrangement are the judiciary and the attendees themselves, as well as the snoozing public and docile grinning parliamentarians. Those of us with a few brain cells knocking about are alarmed, especially when familiar with the past revelations from Bilderberg conference policy.

The civil service code declares ” Civil servants must not misuse their official position or information acquired in the course of their official duties to further their private interests or those of others. Where an actual or perceived conflict of interest arises between a civil servant’s official duties and responsibilities and their private interests, they must make a declaration to senior management so that senior management can determine how best to proceed.” ( From the Cabinet manual) The copy I have has David Cameron’s signature on it. I guess, like the judiciary, he cant read either.

But not to worry. The Hertfordshire police will be, coincidentally, running an, ahem,  “security exercise” at the very same time the confab is on. It’s great to know that tax payers money and resources will be diverted to protect some of the richest folk in the world who will also bring on their own security details along for the jolly. Better forget calling rape!, fire! or mugging! in Hertfordshire over that weekend. There is one upside to all of this though. Hertfordshire police have offered to facilitate peaceful protest with the aid of surveillance teams and no doubt body Armour, probably in a quiet spot far far away.

Yours in Humanhood




Invisibility and the New World Order

Fellow Humans


Great empires are destroyed from within, not from without. The Roman state had the most efficient military machine on Earth, but it was destroyed by constant internal strife and civil war aroused from competing elite families and personalities.


It is important to understand the difference between façade, and reality. A mother would distract the child with games or goodies, while the father wrapped the Christmas presents in another room. This is the essence of unseen government.


The Taxpayers Alliance released a report into the “Unseen Government” after the UK government failed to provide clarity on the structure and purpose of these “behind the scenes” operations. It makes for grim reading.


British taxpayers forked out £64 Billion in 2006-2007 to fund over a thousand Quango’s/NGO’s and advisory boards. This is repeated year on year, and although we have seen a reduction in the number of these organisations, the tax expenditure is increasing. That figure does not include the bodies you are familiar with like the police services.


Recently I covered the fact that Oxfam are running Global citizenship training modules for schools. This is the face of the programme operating behind the scenes to alter behaviour of the population in line with doctrines that are not seen or recognised in the main stream.


Another thing to mention here is consensus. If these organisations are funded by government, there will be an outline policy directive attached to the funding. When the government calls together a meeting of interested parties to discus an issue, they invite these Quango’s under the guise that they represent different interest groups within the community. The end result will be policy resulting from a weighted hand. This system is engaged in the EU, UN and all the rest.


This state of affairs indicates the politicisation of charity groups and other “advisory “ panels for money.


Taxpayers alliance note that councils and other government bodies are not able to fully manage or document services and payment to these bodies, even after a damning report by the parliamentary select committee in 2003. Year on year the farce continues. Government has become a bloated mess, unable to move, unable to act as it drags its obese folds about the land.


The government reacts to problems with piecemeal knee jerks hoping the spin will reintroduce the hand of favour. Lurching from crisis to crisis is the name of the game. Chaos rules the roost as children and education standards are sacrificed, Health care is rated 16th in a review of 19 peer nations,  industry falls apart, and the national debt to an independent banking cartel soars.


What will the government do about all this. Simple, they will claim they require more funding to fix the problems they themselves have created. These faults smoke screen a hidden agenda that seeks to implement new measures and organisations that will, in the end, change everything we know. Scoff?? Take a look outside your window and tell me if you cant recognise this agenda.


The solution to all this is the dramatic reduction in the size and scope of government, and the institution of accountability for failure instead of the massive payoffs for “keeping mum” about the whole bloody mess. It is our money. It is our responsibility to pull the choke chain and force this machine into a drastic diet.


Yours in Humanhood




Education and the New World Order

In times past, dictators and governments alike have targeted the youth to progress their aims. Although it takes a few years to entrench an ideal in the minds of children, the rewards can be bountiful. Over the past few years, for example, the environmental message has been drummed into primary schoolers in the west. The environmental lobbies can be assured of an army of preprogrammed individuals to further the cause and go on to increase the amplification of this subject to the up and coming youth. This program of gradualism can convert even the most hardened strains of thought as the old ideals die off with the old people.

Charlotte Thompsom Iserbyt, a former senior policy advisor for the US dept of education under Reagan, exposed and fought government manipulation of the education system. The idea was that the “authorities” needed to gain control over all education, private, home schooling and religious schools to dictate the education program in view of what I would call a shopping cart system.

The system works like this… If the corporate global world system requires more diggers than counters, the education system would be streamlined to limit the numbers that get “counter” education. The vast majority would get “digger” education and as a result may never reach their full potential, let alone have the choice of career. People made to order for the use of big business is an obvious transgression of human freedoms and a clear indicator of the greed and complicity of many of those in the current business and political “elite”. In her own words; “ Is school choice a plot to implement the socialist, corporate fascist, workforce training agenda for the global planned economy? You betcha”

There have been many complaints recently as to the aptitude of the current youth as far as academic subjects go. Many youths cannot answer simple questions relating to history or geography for example. The percentage of academic to other fluffy subjects is being altered, with the leaning toward fluffy is better.

Having recently researched exam papers and question criteria from British schools and universities, it seems to me that the lessons are supportive of globalist policies in general and had more than a tint of humanist theory relating to population and economy and the environment. Is this the agenda for the future? Is this an attempt to condition and justify to the youth of today the benefits of massive population reduction and the one world government? One thing is clear; education should only concern itself with the basics and leave any propaganda elements out. Don’t be fooled by the change agents currently operating within your communities.

I came across this google video link. The scale of what i have outlined above is bigger than i thought.Please watch this down of america&total=14&start=10&num=10&so=0&type=search&plindex=1

Yours in humanhood