Collectivism and the New World Order

Fellow Humans

Since the dawn of time, the struggle between freedom and domination has raged. Adam and Eve were expelled form the Garden of Eden for defying the divine law. That is, the law handed down from above from the master to the slave. The master requires obedience; in return the slave gets security. Despots have gained control again and again and have inflicted terror and horror on common people. Tyrants are overthrown in bloody revolts that themselves, on many occasions, become despotic themselves. A good example of this is the Bolshevik revolution.

In reality, the battle is between the individual and the collective. The idea that we should all be part of a collective structure suits the aims of only a part of the total number of a people, usually and elite set, which of course, is a contradiction in itself. If you cannot get the sanction of the complete populace for your collective organisation, you will subject those not in agreement to a system they dislike and do not wish to participate in, to force. That by definition is tyranny although it is cloaked in the flag of democracy. The greater good is no good to those who suffer it.

The argument presented by egalitarians to counter the equalitarian stance that individualism is exclusively self interest is flawed. Ego and individualism are not the same, just as collectivism and altruism are not the same. An individual can be a part of a group, as often happens, but remain a separate entity within the whole. For the most part, the majority agree that in order for society to function, we are required to sacrifice certain things. For example, we all get a driving license because we generally agree that a standard for driving is to the benefit of society as a whole. You therefore sacrifice your want to drive without interference for the benefit of all. You would not, though, want a camera in the dashboard that monitors your every action.

Can a handful of political parties cover the needs of the 65 million people of the UK? I think not, and anyway, who in his right mind could contend that he is a conservative, or a socialist or a liberal? As if your personal views on a wide range of subjects is strictly within the definitions of these political standpoints. You might agree with the death penalty, but you would want the method to be humane, despite the fact that the outcome is the same. You might believe in free speech, but not tolerate radical views to be broadcasted over the airwaves. You cannot have your cake and eat it.

So, as this engineered financial collapse takes hold and darkens, the powers that be will push a collectivist approach in everything. Centralisation of power is the game of the new millennium. In his inauguration speech, Obama, the new leviathan, used the terms duty, service and self sacrifice indicating the new required structure to save the US nation from this disaster. Obama’s youth brigades and, in the UK, the proposition of a national service for the young is being presented as we speak.

Gordon Brown continually calls for more globalised control in the form of a new Global order that will extricate us from the mire that globalisation introduced to the world in the first place. A globalisation that loosed corrupt corporations and the addicts of greed and power upon the globe without restriction by the very organisations that are supposed to protect the interests of citizens, namely government. A globalisation that smashed the fledgling but none the less functioning economies of South America. A globalisation responsible for the rape and pillage of every resource in the world, that has driven down wages, exploited vulnerable people, and artificially played the market prices of goods to exploit every possible cent of profit. A globalisation that signed up to the Global compact, but has broken every rule continually. A globalisation that ignored the warnings, or controlled the watchdogs that were supposed to act in the public interest to prevent the type of massive fraud revealed to a shocked public over past weeks.

Yes, the merger has begun. In the recent forums in Davos, the concept of Corporate global citizenship was presented to an obviously sycophantic audience. In the coming months they will push the new one world currency and banking ogranisation to “save the world”. A New World Order, the same NWO those mad conspiracy theorist tried to warn you about for years. The MOD and Police report on the prospect of riots as a result of the fraud of the century, and so they are preparing the Polimilitary to club down the rage. The very same riots predicted in IMF documents revealed by the great muck-raker himself, Greg Palast. The security forces, ignorant of the real facts, and indoctrinated by government training programmes will unleash their full force against the citizenry, while at the same time, their pension funds and children’s futures are raped by what is now clearly evident as illegitimate government in Britain.

Are you then, an individual? Or are you part of the collective? Unless you understand these concepts, their history, and their usual consequences, you will subject yourselves to the same brutality and horror seen under the likes of Stalin.

Yours in Human hood