Double speak and the New world order

Fellow Humans

Perhaps I don’t understand plain English anymore. Maybe text speak or euronization changed our language while I was taking a nap. George Orwell would have been proud of the Conservative party in the UK after a multitude of double speak press releases. “I promise a referendum on Europe If we (meaning the conservative political collective) get voted in”. This translates into, “I never promised a referendum unless there is a significant change to the treaty and even if there is, I will find a way to tell you there isn’t”. “We have to learn some major lessons” interprets into “we just have to find another method of screwing you dumb facks over”

When are you political hacks going to realise that the game is up. The “fruitcake and closet racist” parade is on the march and all the name calling in the world won’t change that. UKIP is storming on and for your information Dave, we aren’t just peed with immigration and job prospects. Its lies, accountability, lobbyists, police state, war, excessive taxation, carbon taxes, lack of judicial oversight, lack of transparency, the destruction of our manufacturing base and export of business oversees (with taxpayers assistance) and many more.

I for one will support the UKIP in the next general election, not because I hate Europeans, but because I hate what a European supranational government represents. Our  grandfathers fought the idea of totalitarianism in a couple of bloody conflicts less that a century ago. Admittedly, the British empire was also a totalitarian dream and I for one am glad we are finished with that hullabaloo even if some are still enthralled by the idea and even trying to resurrect it economically in the City of London.

I would side with the devil himself to rid us of this fascism (yes, that is what it is, ask Mussolini) even if the UKIP don’t have all the answers. This arrangement is not about trade and peace. The 1955 Bilderberg conference notes leak outlined the formation of the EU and the single currency. Of course David Cameron and George Osborne would know this because they have attended Bilderberg and will probably attend again in Watford, Hertfordshire in June 2013.

Perhaps the Prime minister and his predessesors also have this language difficulty thing going on. I mean, attending secretive meetings involving over a hundred and twenty of the worlds state heads, industrialists, financiers, media moguls and the like with no transparency doesn’t sit well with me and many others. Practically the only people happy with this arrangement are the judiciary and the attendees themselves, as well as the snoozing public and docile grinning parliamentarians. Those of us with a few brain cells knocking about are alarmed, especially when familiar with the past revelations from Bilderberg conference policy.

The civil service code declares ” Civil servants must not misuse their official position or information acquired in the course of their official duties to further their private interests or those of others. Where an actual or perceived conflict of interest arises between a civil servant’s official duties and responsibilities and their private interests, they must make a declaration to senior management so that senior management can determine how best to proceed.” ( From the Cabinet manual) The copy I have has David Cameron’s signature on it. I guess, like the judiciary, he cant read either.

But not to worry. The Hertfordshire police will be, coincidentally, running an, ahem,  “security exercise” at the very same time the confab is on. It’s great to know that tax payers money and resources will be diverted to protect some of the richest folk in the world who will also bring on their own security details along for the jolly. Better forget calling rape!, fire! or mugging! in Hertfordshire over that weekend. There is one upside to all of this though. Hertfordshire police have offered to facilitate peaceful protest with the aid of surveillance teams and no doubt body Armour, probably in a quiet spot far far away.

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Corporations and the New World Order

In 1999, Kofi Annan spearheaded the UN Global compact, a global corporate citizenship initiative that is intended to put a “human face” on globalisation. An obvious propaganda exercise, the compact called for member companies to follow 10 principles that were linked to UN core values.

Human Rights
• Principle 1: Businesses should support and respect the protection of internationally proclaimed human rights; and
• Principle 2: make sure that they are not complicit in human rights abuses.

Labour Standards
• Principle 3: Businesses should uphold the freedom of association and the effective recognition of the right to collective bargaining;
• Principle 4: the elimination of all forms of forced and
compulsory labour;
• Principle 5: the effective abolition of child labour; and
• Principle 6: the elimination of discrimination in respect of employment and occupation.

• Principle 7: Businesses should support a precautionary approach to environmental challenges;
• Principle 8: undertake initiatives to promote greater environmental responsibility; and
• Principle 9: encourage the development and diffusion of environmentally friendly technologies.

• Principle 10: Businesses should work against corruption in all its forms, including extortion and bribery.

Currently, over 2700 companies have signed up to this including some of the biggest names on the high street like Nike, Shell, Volvo, BP Amoco and Bayer. With a little research, it is plain to see the smoke and mirrors exercise for what it is. Matching these company names to current reports and legal actions is a breeze.

Bayer 23/01/2008
The European Commission has imposed fines totalling € 34 230 000 on the Bayer and Zeon groups for fixing prices for Nitrile Butadiene Rubber (NBR) in violation of the EC Treaty’s and the EEA Agreement’s ban on cartels and restrictive business practices (Article 81 of the EC Treaty and Article 53 of the EEA Agreement)

Nike 03/05/2002
The California Supreme Court delivered a stiff warning to businesses Thursday, ruling that a San Francisco man can sue Nike Inc. for false advertising for allegedly lying about working conditions at Asian factories where its athletic shoes and clothes are made

“Nike’s appearance in the Federal Court in Melbourne on Tuesday 6th June marks the first time that this company has been called to account for its labour practices in a Court anywhere in the world.”…….” Nike’s treatment of workers both in Australia and overseas is the issue. Nike has an appalling record in the lowest wage countries in the world”

BP 10/01/2007
“Poor management and cost-cutting created a dangerous work environment at oil giant BP, according to a report released today based on hundreds of interviews with employees”. The 374-page report, the culmination of an investigation headed by a former American secretary of state, James A. Baker III, paints a layered picture of neglect, avoidance and wrong-headed corporate directives that resulted in the death of 15 workers”

Shell 15/08/2002
“Conveniently ignored in this best practices case study is the fact that Shell has also created a social and ecological disaster in the Niger Delta that has become a classic case study of the horrendous impacts of oil on people and the environment. Very little, if any of the $30 billion went back into the communities of the Niger Delta, where schools and health clinics are hard to come by, and where toxic contamination from oil spills and gas flares fill the water and air.”

The FSA has today fined the Shell Transport and Trading Company (“STT”), Royal Dutch Petroleum Company (“RDP”) and the Royal Dutch/Shell Group of Companies (“Shell”) 17 million for committing market abuse and breaching the listing rules.

Volvo 20/03/2008
It will pay a $7m (£3.5m) fine to the US Department of Justice (DOJ) and $4m in civil fines to the Securities and Exchange Commission.
The firm will also pay $8.6m – the amount two of its subsidiaries had made in profits from the programme……”Today’s acknowledgement by AB Volvo of its subsidiaries’ wrongdoing in making illegal payments to the former Iraqi government in exchange for contracts is one more step in holding accountable those companies who conspired to deceive the United Nations,”

Enough said I think. I found these incriminations without even breaking a sweat. The transgressions are a rot deep rooted, and evident at the highest and most responsible positions. These activities are common policy within these corporations. The UN stamp of approval that they can add to their names adds weight to their already massive influence on the world.

Understand this though, the small list here is the tip of a monstrous ice berg. The internationalists and Bankers are the base on which the new world order is being constructed. They care less for anything, except power. You reading this may some day realise the potential for mass abuse at the hands of these maniacs, once they have established complete control.

Yours in Humanhood

Microchips and the New World Order

Fellow HumansAs an Engineer, technology appeals to me. I appreciate the new electronic era and the benefits it can bring. I also appreciate the dangers associated with centralised control systems under dubious control.

In recent news articles, it has become clear that the new way forward for the citizenry of the world is the embedded microchip. At first we see the chip integrated into card technologies that familiarise the people with the electronic commerce. The next phase was the microchipping of pets for cross border disease control. We now see the chipping of people with Alzheimer’s and criminals. Next the children to prevent paedophiles snatching them. After the criminals will come immigrants or visa holders, and then incrementally, the entire population.

The benefits of the microchip are being lauded by big business and governments alike. They love the idea of control over every aspect of your life, and the ability to monitor your movements and behaviour. EU documents refer to the benefits to business being able to tailor services based on consumer activities, but that is only one side of the argument. They also mention the sales pitch for smart card system exploitation, where marketing teams with “bubbly” personalities will repeatedly phone and visit your home, and target specific family members to pressure reluctant people into accepting the system.

You and your families are being targeted in a sustained programming attack. Children use fingerprint scanners to get lunch (a very dangerous precedent indeed.) Mothers visit the shops with a host of loyalty card schemes that monitor your consumer behaviour. People out of the home are monitored by cameras everywhere they go. The Yellow cameras being erected on the motorways of Britain are earmarked for road pricing, and monitoring traffic movement.

When you are finally chipped, (and you will be unless you stop this), your bank details, medical history (have you had all your compulsory jabs yet?), identification, occupation, academic qualification, work and building access rights, criminal history including minor infringements and record of arrest,(even if you were innocent), tax number, social security number, drivers license, will be included on the chip. If the system screws up, you are screwed. No access to any of the above will see you in great trouble.

Try explaining your identity to an official who cannot match your chip with the record on the system.

If the state deems you troublesome, they can turn the chip off or delete the record. Companies (and this has already begun in Mexico and the US) are already setting up systems where you will have to be chipped to work there, Eventually, shops, banks, workplaces, schools, government buildings, national transportation etc will require the microchip to gain access. Unless you accept it, you will not gain access and subsequently will be ostracised from society.

Another area of concern is the effect of the emitted radiation from microchips and chip readers, which have been linked to cancerous tumors.

This is the single most important issue in the fight for freedom, and preventing the New World Order control grid.. Those that shout, “I’ve got nothing to hide” better realise that the control grid is for everyone. It has a purpose. It is dangerous. It will effect you and your families. It is not only for your safety and security. It is to gain total control over you, their asset, their property, their human resource.

From the mouth of the EU itself :-

The ability to surreptitiously collect a variety of data all related to the same person; track individuals as they walk in public places (airports, train stations, stores); enhance profiles through the monitoring of consumer behaviour in stores; read the details of clothes and accessories worn and medicines carried by customers are all examples of uses of RFID technology that gave rise to privacy concerns.”
EU working document on RFID, January 2005
But they are going to go ahead anyway!!!

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