Normality and the New World Order

Fellow Humans


Throughout time, great thinkers have theorised, and other great thinkers have added to the theories. Our modern society is a direct result of this train of learning. Thomas Malthus came up with a theory about massive population causing catastrophe. This in turn was picked up by Charles Darwin, famous for his evolution theory, and Darwin’s theory was an influence in Sigmund Freud’s psychological analysis of the psyche which has become the cornerstone of modern society.


Freud believed that man had inherent aggressive tendencies driven by primal drivers that were a by-product of our evolutionary journey from animal to human. These traits, given the right conditions, could be triggered and result in violent mob action.


The Elite’s feared this type of reaction, as they remembered the fate of the French royalty at the hands of starving French revolutionaries. If the mob could “go off” at any time, and the instinct for this violence was untreatable, then it would be necessary to create a system that would “appease” these instincts, while they set up a control structure to make mass reaction impossible. Enter the consumer culture.


Edward Bernays, Freud’s Nephew, went on to break Freud’s work into business and politics with his propaganda work in the CPI during WW1, and then into the manipulative process of “The engineering of consent” in marketing and politics in later years.


The requirement now seen by the elites, to control this perceived natural human aggression would lead to the creation of behavioural psychology, a system of processes designed to work on the Pavlovian primal drivers in conjunction with Skinnerian radical behaviourism where all organismic action is determined and not free. Skinner would go on to play a central role in Education philopsophy unto this very day.


The fact is that we are victims of a behavioural control programme that has existed for nigh on a century. Our parents for several generations have passed the mantle down to us just as they were instructed. As Skinner said, “Society attacks early, when the individual is helpless.” The mind is under scientific attack from your first visit to school. As you grow, you are cast into the social net where consensual validation (popular opinion classifies what is normal)  sets the standard of normality.


From the earliest years we are indoctrinated to “respect authority” and to take up our slot in the hierarchy. We are attuned to a value system based on financial success where one must ruthlessly climb to the top of the heap. Those that are crushed underfoot are weak. How the waters between right and wrong have been muddied by the misconception that in business, as in life, one must put the company above the person. We are also misled in the conception that government has led us through a progression in history, and that we are on a constant path of improvement when even in the earliest of times, great minds like Aristotle understood that the cycle, monarchy, aristocracy, democracy and finally chaos, was in action.


You have all seen advertising that is based on one of the most fundamental drivers, Sex. From the Blond draped across the bonnet of a car, to the subliminal letters spelling out the word “SEX” in the ice cubes in a glass of a famous Vodka. The woman always seductively “mouths” the chocolate bar, and the man is always flanked by women. All of it is phallic symbolism. Buy the product that satisfies your sexual drivers.


You have all sat glued to a TV while your team nets another goal and screamed at the top of your lungs in victory. Back the sport that satisfies your tribal drivers. Just like in Pavlov’s experiments, the bell rings and the dog salivates


In truth, this society is suffering from an infection. This mental illness is so severe, we cannot even see that it is there. What is worse is that this illness is engineered for us and has an obvious outcome. Only what is it? . (see link for an analysis of the sick community by Erich Fromm.



So then I ask you, what is normality then?


How the hell would you know!



Yours in Humanhood