Double speak and the New world order

Fellow Humans

Perhaps I don’t understand plain English anymore. Maybe text speak or euronization changed our language while I was taking a nap. George Orwell would have been proud of the Conservative party in the UK after a multitude of double speak press releases. “I promise a referendum on Europe If we (meaning the conservative political collective) get voted in”. This translates into, “I never promised a referendum unless there is a significant change to the treaty and even if there is, I will find a way to tell you there isn’t”. “We have to learn some major lessons” interprets into “we just have to find another method of screwing you dumb facks over”

When are you political hacks going to realise that the game is up. The “fruitcake and closet racist” parade is on the march and all the name calling in the world won’t change that. UKIP is storming on and for your information Dave, we aren’t just peed with immigration and job prospects. Its lies, accountability, lobbyists, police state, war, excessive taxation, carbon taxes, lack of judicial oversight, lack of transparency, the destruction of our manufacturing base and export of business oversees (with taxpayers assistance) and many more.

I for one will support the UKIP in the next general election, not because I hate Europeans, but because I hate what a European supranational government represents. Our  grandfathers fought the idea of totalitarianism in a couple of bloody conflicts less that a century ago. Admittedly, the British empire was also a totalitarian dream and I for one am glad we are finished with that hullabaloo even if some are still enthralled by the idea and even trying to resurrect it economically in the City of London.

I would side with the devil himself to rid us of this fascism (yes, that is what it is, ask Mussolini) even if the UKIP don’t have all the answers. This arrangement is not about trade and peace. The 1955 Bilderberg conference notes leak outlined the formation of the EU and the single currency. Of course David Cameron and George Osborne would know this because they have attended Bilderberg and will probably attend again in Watford, Hertfordshire in June 2013.

Perhaps the Prime minister and his predessesors also have this language difficulty thing going on. I mean, attending secretive meetings involving over a hundred and twenty of the worlds state heads, industrialists, financiers, media moguls and the like with no transparency doesn’t sit well with me and many others. Practically the only people happy with this arrangement are the judiciary and the attendees themselves, as well as the snoozing public and docile grinning parliamentarians. Those of us with a few brain cells knocking about are alarmed, especially when familiar with the past revelations from Bilderberg conference policy.

The civil service code declares ” Civil servants must not misuse their official position or information acquired in the course of their official duties to further their private interests or those of others. Where an actual or perceived conflict of interest arises between a civil servant’s official duties and responsibilities and their private interests, they must make a declaration to senior management so that senior management can determine how best to proceed.” ( From the Cabinet manual) The copy I have has David Cameron’s signature on it. I guess, like the judiciary, he cant read either.

But not to worry. The Hertfordshire police will be, coincidentally, running an, ahem,  “security exercise” at the very same time the confab is on. It’s great to know that tax payers money and resources will be diverted to protect some of the richest folk in the world who will also bring on their own security details along for the jolly. Better forget calling rape!, fire! or mugging! in Hertfordshire over that weekend. There is one upside to all of this though. Hertfordshire police have offered to facilitate peaceful protest with the aid of surveillance teams and no doubt body Armour, probably in a quiet spot far far away.

Yours in Humanhood




Sociopaths and the New World Order

Fellow Humans

Most people have problems understanding the link between psychology and political leanings, but this is becoming recognised as a major influence to our political spectrum. Politics, in essence, is the result of human behaviour exhibited by our psychology.

Throughout time, the central theme has been the fight between good and evil. Good, in psychological terms, can be translated as actions resulting from conscience. Evil inversely, is action without conscience.

Conscience is the ability of someone to empathise with the emotions of others, and the effects of his actions on others. Conscience is a social regulator, an internal choke chain that restricts us from overstepping the mark and exploiting and abusing others, both human and animal. It also acts as a group defence mechanism where someone will be compelled to make a stand to assist another that is under attack in some way.

Some human beings do not possess conscience. People that fall into this category are known as sociopaths or psychopaths. Estimates of one in twenty five of us fall into this group. The most dangerous members of the group are the educated and socially adept. Considering important traits like the goal of creating a willing victim to enslave, exploit and totally dominate, and extreme narcissism and grandiose, one comes to understand a new perspective on the direction current  world powers are directing us to with the rise of surveillance state, and centralisation of power.
Guggenbuhl-Craig said, “those who cannot love, want power”. Sociopathic leaders will stop at nothing to get it, and will calmly climb up the heap of bodies of dead, get to the top of the heap and survey a burning landscape believing they have “won”

They are Adept at stealing personalities in order to gain the admiration, a following, and enthusiasm for their “product” or game plan. If the one personality fails, they drop it and take on another that furthers their “cause”. They are parasites that feed on the strengths and weaknesses of others. As Dr Robert Hare PHD, an expert with over 20 years research into this subject, said

“Lying is like breathing to the psychopath. When caught in a lie and challenged, they make up new lies, and don’t care if they’re found out. As Hare states, “Lying, deceiving, and manipulation are natural talents for psychopaths…When caught in a lie or challenged with the truth, they are seldom perplexed or embarrassed — they simply change their stories or attempt to rework the facts so that they appear to be consistent with the lie. The results are a series of contradictory statements and a thoroughly confused listener.”

Does the previous quote sound like every politician you have ever heard of?

Zbignew Brzezinski’s quote about the intended post democratic styles of government checks all the markers for sociopathic domination and manipulation. These traits can be found at

“Society dominated by an elite whose claim to political power would rest on allegedly superior scientific know-how.  Unhindered by the restraints of traditional liberal values (founding liberal values like freedom), this elite would not hesitate to achieve its political ends by using the latest modern techniques for influencing public behaviour and keeping society under close surveillance and control.” Zbignew Brzezinski
So from this, we must admit to ourselves that such people exist, and that many of our political and business leaders are members of this club. We have to take steps to prevent the abuse of power, law and force by those who would use it against us because “There are psychopathic personalities in the highest echelons of government, and even within religious hierarchies in America. You can t just assume that a person with the title judge or hospital orderly got there honestly and won t manipulate the hell out of you.”    –Personal communication from Psychologist Schreibman to H. Cleckley,

Yours in humanhood

Government and the New World Order

Fellow Humans

The word government comes from the Greek word kybernan meaning to steer or pilot a ship (later the Latin gubanare with the same meaning), and the Latin mentis which means mind. Literally, the word government means to steer the mind, or control the mind.

The “Father of public relations”, nephew of Sigmund Freud, Edward Bernays created the technique of shaping and manipulating public opinion which he referred to as the “engineering of consent”. He, alongside fellow manipulation and media master Walter Lippman, was a member of the committee on public information or CPI during WW1. Together they perfected their techniques, honing the art of marketing and propaganda which sold the war to Americans as the war to make the world “safe for democracy”. Sound Familiar?.

The CPI carefully crafted information to demonise the then enemy Germany, forwarding stories of German soldiers ravishing mothers, killing children and poor defensless cats in Belgium, and bath tubs full of eyeballs. The CPI maketing solution would become the model for all future wars and interventions.

This barrage of disinformation, alongside the Bryce report (all long since proved fabrications), got the required reaction. The emotional tap was drained off and directed toward the war just as Bernays had planned it. The German state was disolved and reduced along with her trade, colonies and resources, distributed amongst the victors. This provided deep resentment and hostility which would spark the next great war, and another marketing opportunity.

The chief benifiary of all of this was the New World Order. They had achieved the first step in dissolving soverign states, and centralising international decision making into a caucus, namely the league of nations. This league would become Nato, then the UN. The New world Order motto “Order out of Chaos” was used by Bernays when he stated “Propaganda will never die out. Intelligent men must realize that propaganda is the modern instrument by which they can fight for productive ends and help to bring order out of chaos”

This is the basis behind everything that effects our lives from day to day. The word propaganda was not even mentioned in the 1911 encyclopedia Brittania, but after such a successful campaign during WW1, it became the fulcum of political and corporate programming to this very day.

Bernays went on to advise clients such as Proctor and Gamble, CBS, American Tobacco Company and directed the United Fruit Company CIA led overthrow of the Guatemala government in the 50’s. General Electric, another of his clients, went on to run US government sponsored research into brain wave pattern and mind control technologies which were snapped up by TV advertisers and are used in every day TV programming and advertising today.

What has this to do with government you ask?

I see the machine operating in our everyday lives, and that the engineers of consent get a kick out of watching you react to their manipulative lies. To realise that we are being manouvred into sentiments and reactions clearly directed toward what generally turns out to be profiteering, both political and corporate, is disconcerting The herd is lapping this up and bungling toward the trap. The current wave of Islamophobia is an example of this propaganda program. As walter Lippman stated,
“The ‘responsible men’ who are the proper decision-makers,, must ‘live free of the trampling and the roar of a bewildered herd.’ These ‘ignorant and meddlesome outsiders’ are to be ‘spectators’, not ‘participants’. The herd does have a ‘function’: to trample periodically in support of one or another element of the leadership class in an election…”

Realise that this program is directed at you. Realise that group hysteria is the feed of the New World Order, and realise that you are in the War of your life. The war for your mind. The infowar. Realise that the internationalist goal of one world government and the population reduction program is the Endgame. You will be the victim no matter how smart you think you are. Get up from your knees and fight the real enemy, the New World Order

Yours in humanhood