Double speak and the New world order

Fellow Humans

Perhaps I don’t understand plain English anymore. Maybe text speak or euronization changed our language while I was taking a nap. George Orwell would have been proud of the Conservative party in the UK after a multitude of double speak press releases. “I promise a referendum on Europe If we (meaning the conservative political collective) get voted in”. This translates into, “I never promised a referendum unless there is a significant change to the treaty and even if there is, I will find a way to tell you there isn’t”. “We have to learn some major lessons” interprets into “we just have to find another method of screwing you dumb facks over”

When are you political hacks going to realise that the game is up. The “fruitcake and closet racist” parade is on the march and all the name calling in the world won’t change that. UKIP is storming on and for your information Dave, we aren’t just peed with immigration and job prospects. Its lies, accountability, lobbyists, police state, war, excessive taxation, carbon taxes, lack of judicial oversight, lack of transparency, the destruction of our manufacturing base and export of business oversees (with taxpayers assistance) and many more.

I for one will support the UKIP in the next general election, not because I hate Europeans, but because I hate what a European supranational government represents. Our  grandfathers fought the idea of totalitarianism in a couple of bloody conflicts less that a century ago. Admittedly, the British empire was also a totalitarian dream and I for one am glad we are finished with that hullabaloo even if some are still enthralled by the idea and even trying to resurrect it economically in the City of London.

I would side with the devil himself to rid us of this fascism (yes, that is what it is, ask Mussolini) even if the UKIP don’t have all the answers. This arrangement is not about trade and peace. The 1955 Bilderberg conference notes leak outlined the formation of the EU and the single currency. Of course David Cameron and George Osborne would know this because they have attended Bilderberg and will probably attend again in Watford, Hertfordshire in June 2013.

Perhaps the Prime minister and his predessesors also have this language difficulty thing going on. I mean, attending secretive meetings involving over a hundred and twenty of the worlds state heads, industrialists, financiers, media moguls and the like with no transparency doesn’t sit well with me and many others. Practically the only people happy with this arrangement are the judiciary and the attendees themselves, as well as the snoozing public and docile grinning parliamentarians. Those of us with a few brain cells knocking about are alarmed, especially when familiar with the past revelations from Bilderberg conference policy.

The civil service code declares ” Civil servants must not misuse their official position or information acquired in the course of their official duties to further their private interests or those of others. Where an actual or perceived conflict of interest arises between a civil servant’s official duties and responsibilities and their private interests, they must make a declaration to senior management so that senior management can determine how best to proceed.” ( From the Cabinet manual) The copy I have has David Cameron’s signature on it. I guess, like the judiciary, he cant read either.

But not to worry. The Hertfordshire police will be, coincidentally, running an, ahem,  “security exercise” at the very same time the confab is on. It’s great to know that tax payers money and resources will be diverted to protect some of the richest folk in the world who will also bring on their own security details along for the jolly. Better forget calling rape!, fire! or mugging! in Hertfordshire over that weekend. There is one upside to all of this though. Hertfordshire police have offered to facilitate peaceful protest with the aid of surveillance teams and no doubt body Armour, probably in a quiet spot far far away.

Yours in Humanhood




Colonization and the New World Order

Fellow Humans

We are being colonized. Not by some extraterrestrial species, but by sectors of our own race. Every aspect of our lives, for generations, have been invaded and altered so that we have become accustomed, and indeed dependent to an alien system.

Albert Memmi wrote “The colonizer and the colonized” about the effects of colonization on the invader and the invaded. In 1957, he wrote about these effects on French and British colonies. The colonized were the brown, yellow and red peoples of the planet. The colonizer was the white European.

He explained that the history, culture, architecture, religion, law and art of the colonizer begins to take over the traditional values of the colonized, and eventually replaces it. “The most serious blow suffered by the colonized” he wrote “is being removed from history and from the community. Colonization usurps any free role in either war or peace, every decision contributing to his destiny and that of the world, and all cultural and social responsibility”

As a result, the colonized is out of the game and is reduced to apathy. He will disengage from the system that he cannot influence, and will relinquish his ability to shape his own history. He will accept his burdens and his exclusion from a decision making process which is designed to increase his feelings of inadequacy, and will even begin to participate and defend the alien system Once this happens, the cat is in the bag, and the colonizer gets to run the game.

The sparks of protest are advertised as greedy, anarchistic, detrimental and dangerous. The preservation of the status quo becomes the national objective. The system becomes a refuge in which the colonized retreats to save him from the utter annihilation he feels will come out of his shame of total defeat should the superstructure of the colonizer be pulled down.

With the advent of the G20, the colonized are paralysed by a system they do not understand, or have any influence in. They wait braced for will surely be another beating from the masters. The colonizers are no longer national. They are supranational. This time, it is not the little brown, black, red and yellow peoples who are the targets of the colonizer. It is the white Europeans and Americans who are finding themselves victim to this coup. The colonization ever expands until it has used up everything and begins to feed on itself. Take a look around you. Memmi was right.

Colonization is an ever present danger to us all. It will destroy us. It will change form, and it will not stop. The human cattle are the blood price of the dreams of the globalist colonizers.

The colonized will complain at my subject matter. Some will say it is all in negativity and out of sorts. For me, I am one of those tiny sparks of protest. As Memmi wrote “As soon as they dare speak, what will they tell just those people, other than of their malaise and revolt? Could words of peace or thoughts of gratitude be expected from those who have been suffering from a loan that compounds so much interest? For a loan which, besides, will never be anything other than a loan?”

Your in Humanhood

Warnings and the New World Order

Fellow Humans

History is a great teacher. The old adage that we are doomed to repeat the history we ignore is no joke. For thousands of years, the little people have repeated tyranny after despotism. Tacitus’ Histories are littered with powerful families poisoning, killing, lying, conniving and generally being nasty to their opponents in their quest for Godhood.

The fact that common people are emotionally whipped up to support these unsavoury characters is beyond me. Those common people mostly ended their lives coughing up their blood on a dusty battlefield in just about every corner of the globe. When the battles were won, or lost as the case may be, the power mongers step into privileged positions, even offering status to their opponent, while the common soldiers who survived were executed, enslaved, imprisoned, or dropped faster than a skunk with fleas.

Today, the story is the same. You would have thought we would have seen through this farce by now, but alas, the idiot sheeple still, it seems, have a penchant for masochism. British troops are fast approaching exhaustion after too many ”tours” (almost sounds like a holiday) in the middle east and with no end in sight. What becomes of those maimed and bloodied men and Women some of whom have lost innocence and will never be psychologically the person they were before.

From the linked document below, evidence given to the select committee on Defence, “The MoD has still not published a coherent policy regarding the detection and treatment of PTSD in British service personnel. Despite convening a major conference to study the issue of PTSD as long ago as 2001, the MoD has failed to develop a policy in the interim period. Given that in four of the six intervening years our armed services have been involved in four major conflicts, the lack of a policy appears, at the very least, to represent a failure of planning. Part of the problem arises from a failure even to acknowledge the existence of PTSD” This comment made after PTSD has been recognised by many authorities on the subject since WW1.

Add to this “According to the National Ex-Services Association as many as 7% of the total prison population in the UK is made up of veterans. Many of these prisoners are serving life sentences for murder, some committed while suffering from PTSD flashbacks”, and you will see that the warnings from the past ring true yet again.

This is not an attack on the troops themselves. The professionalism and true grit of the British armed forces is well documented, but young men, from birth, fed a diet of King and country or my country right or wrong are born and bred cannon fodder for those who seek Godhood, just as those Roman legions in the past were used and discarded.

The Media still refuses to ask the right questions. They pose the false truth questioning time and again, “Do you support the troops?” Of course we do. They are our fathers, sons brothers and sisters They are our flesh and blood, misled and mismanaged by lusting politicians, cheered to war by selfish inexperienced armchair warriors, sitting in homes around the Country, who cry out for the blood of their suggested enemies, but know nothing of the suffering endured, not only by our own, but by the euphemistically named collateral damage, which usually amounts to women and children. Why don’t they ask,”Do you support the war?” Simple, they already know what the answer to that is.

Another thing, when politicians cast out warnings to us across the airwaves, like the recent Joe Biden and Colin Powell statements of a coming catastrophe in the next few months, we ought to pay attention because history is full of prearranged “disasters” designed to manipulate public reaction or, as Walter Lippman put it, to trample the herd in one or other direction. This warning was backed up again by Michael Bayer , Chairman of the US defence business board. He stated that the New President should “prepare for a likely first-270-days crisis.” Somebody, it seems, is in the know. A pity it is that we are left out of the loop.

So, the title of this latest offering was Warnings and the New World Order. We have been repeatedly warned by those who have gone before us. We really ought to be a bit smarter about all of this. All I can do is try and inform you. If you choose to sleepwalk into another disaster because it is too much bother to deal with, the cost will rise. Just remember one thing though, Your inaction condemns your fellows along with you. In this, there is no them and us, only our bond as human beings matters.

You have been warned

Yours in Humanhood


Morality and the New World Order

Fellow Humans


Ask Yourself, Whatever happened to your morals?.


I can still hear my mothers words ringing in my ears..give up your seat for old people on the bus, always say please and thank you, giving is better than receiving.


Then I grew up and entered the real world. Dog eat dog,  money is power, I’m alright jack.


One of the most abhorrent ditties is “it’s just business”… meaning all is fair in the name of making profits. As if you can justify any activity at the expense of your fellows just to make a killing, and frequently it is. As if all culpability and responsibility for your heinous actions are laid in sacrifice at the feet of whatever organisation you deify.


The current financial crisis is a case in point. The bankers cheered and celebrated as they exploited yet another market, while the working families were due, at a future date, to lose their homes and jobs. All, it seems, is fair in love and war, and the war is on. Only, those who abuse are seldom penalised. Indeed they are a protected species.


The abuses of prisoners and the civilian casualties in the fake “war on terror” are another. That one person would abuse others because of an order or a paycheck is ridiculous and sad. Can you not see it?? Are you too far gone to realise the harm you do, not just to the victim, but to those who love them and ultimately, yourself and those who love you?


What has happened to us? Why do some choose to integrate themselves into a value system that is handed down to us by the same elites who have parasitically sucked on the weak for thousands of years? A value system that benefits those who rule and degrades and humiliates those who try to lead good lives beneath the whip.


We have become nihilistic passive observers of abuse and intolerance. We stand idly by while the monsters run riot and pillage not only our world, but also our souls. It is almost as if we are revelling in the destruction of our morality, gaining a perverted satisfaction in the annihilation of a set of outdated principles that we believe have failed us. Like the good captain, we hold the wheel fast as the waves overwhelm the sinking ship, helping it to fail and aiding its ride to the cold bottomless ness.


We reason that our leaders are crooked, so why bother. We allow those most infected by the sickness of greed and power to influence every aspect of our being, both material and spiritual. The New World order is creating a sick society that suits their sick psychosis. Just as the psychopath in the movie builds his shrine and decorates his abode with body parts to create an enviroment he feels comfortable in, so the world is being moulded so that the sick feel at home here.


Stand up!, Come out from amongst them. Return your thoughts to the ideals of righteousness. Honour, chivalry, empathy, love, respect, humanity are your new watchwords. Purify your hearts and rid them of the sickness that seeks to destroy the fabric of our shared brotherhood.


This is an epic moment in history. This is the fulcrum, the fork in the road that leads to oppression and tyranny, or to light, understanding and prosperity. You know you can feel it. You know the choice must be made. Then make it…


Join the army of your true brothers and sisters. Come over to the side of truth and humanity. Regain your honour and stand with your head high amongst your peers.


Yours in humanhood


Normality and the New World Order

Fellow Humans


Throughout time, great thinkers have theorised, and other great thinkers have added to the theories. Our modern society is a direct result of this train of learning. Thomas Malthus came up with a theory about massive population causing catastrophe. This in turn was picked up by Charles Darwin, famous for his evolution theory, and Darwin’s theory was an influence in Sigmund Freud’s psychological analysis of the psyche which has become the cornerstone of modern society.


Freud believed that man had inherent aggressive tendencies driven by primal drivers that were a by-product of our evolutionary journey from animal to human. These traits, given the right conditions, could be triggered and result in violent mob action.


The Elite’s feared this type of reaction, as they remembered the fate of the French royalty at the hands of starving French revolutionaries. If the mob could “go off” at any time, and the instinct for this violence was untreatable, then it would be necessary to create a system that would “appease” these instincts, while they set up a control structure to make mass reaction impossible. Enter the consumer culture.


Edward Bernays, Freud’s Nephew, went on to break Freud’s work into business and politics with his propaganda work in the CPI during WW1, and then into the manipulative process of “The engineering of consent” in marketing and politics in later years.


The requirement now seen by the elites, to control this perceived natural human aggression would lead to the creation of behavioural psychology, a system of processes designed to work on the Pavlovian primal drivers in conjunction with Skinnerian radical behaviourism where all organismic action is determined and not free. Skinner would go on to play a central role in Education philopsophy unto this very day.


The fact is that we are victims of a behavioural control programme that has existed for nigh on a century. Our parents for several generations have passed the mantle down to us just as they were instructed. As Skinner said, “Society attacks early, when the individual is helpless.” The mind is under scientific attack from your first visit to school. As you grow, you are cast into the social net where consensual validation (popular opinion classifies what is normal)  sets the standard of normality.


From the earliest years we are indoctrinated to “respect authority” and to take up our slot in the hierarchy. We are attuned to a value system based on financial success where one must ruthlessly climb to the top of the heap. Those that are crushed underfoot are weak. How the waters between right and wrong have been muddied by the misconception that in business, as in life, one must put the company above the person. We are also misled in the conception that government has led us through a progression in history, and that we are on a constant path of improvement when even in the earliest of times, great minds like Aristotle understood that the cycle, monarchy, aristocracy, democracy and finally chaos, was in action.


You have all seen advertising that is based on one of the most fundamental drivers, Sex. From the Blond draped across the bonnet of a car, to the subliminal letters spelling out the word “SEX” in the ice cubes in a glass of a famous Vodka. The woman always seductively “mouths” the chocolate bar, and the man is always flanked by women. All of it is phallic symbolism. Buy the product that satisfies your sexual drivers.


You have all sat glued to a TV while your team nets another goal and screamed at the top of your lungs in victory. Back the sport that satisfies your tribal drivers. Just like in Pavlov’s experiments, the bell rings and the dog salivates


In truth, this society is suffering from an infection. This mental illness is so severe, we cannot even see that it is there. What is worse is that this illness is engineered for us and has an obvious outcome. Only what is it? . (see link for an analysis of the sick community by Erich Fromm.



So then I ask you, what is normality then?


How the hell would you know!



Yours in Humanhood


Invisibility and the New World Order

Fellow Humans


Great empires are destroyed from within, not from without. The Roman state had the most efficient military machine on Earth, but it was destroyed by constant internal strife and civil war aroused from competing elite families and personalities.


It is important to understand the difference between façade, and reality. A mother would distract the child with games or goodies, while the father wrapped the Christmas presents in another room. This is the essence of unseen government.


The Taxpayers Alliance released a report into the “Unseen Government” after the UK government failed to provide clarity on the structure and purpose of these “behind the scenes” operations. It makes for grim reading.


British taxpayers forked out £64 Billion in 2006-2007 to fund over a thousand Quango’s/NGO’s and advisory boards. This is repeated year on year, and although we have seen a reduction in the number of these organisations, the tax expenditure is increasing. That figure does not include the bodies you are familiar with like the police services.


Recently I covered the fact that Oxfam are running Global citizenship training modules for schools. This is the face of the programme operating behind the scenes to alter behaviour of the population in line with doctrines that are not seen or recognised in the main stream.


Another thing to mention here is consensus. If these organisations are funded by government, there will be an outline policy directive attached to the funding. When the government calls together a meeting of interested parties to discus an issue, they invite these Quango’s under the guise that they represent different interest groups within the community. The end result will be policy resulting from a weighted hand. This system is engaged in the EU, UN and all the rest.


This state of affairs indicates the politicisation of charity groups and other “advisory “ panels for money.


Taxpayers alliance note that councils and other government bodies are not able to fully manage or document services and payment to these bodies, even after a damning report by the parliamentary select committee in 2003. Year on year the farce continues. Government has become a bloated mess, unable to move, unable to act as it drags its obese folds about the land.


The government reacts to problems with piecemeal knee jerks hoping the spin will reintroduce the hand of favour. Lurching from crisis to crisis is the name of the game. Chaos rules the roost as children and education standards are sacrificed, Health care is rated 16th in a review of 19 peer nations,  industry falls apart, and the national debt to an independent banking cartel soars.


What will the government do about all this. Simple, they will claim they require more funding to fix the problems they themselves have created. These faults smoke screen a hidden agenda that seeks to implement new measures and organisations that will, in the end, change everything we know. Scoff?? Take a look outside your window and tell me if you cant recognise this agenda.


The solution to all this is the dramatic reduction in the size and scope of government, and the institution of accountability for failure instead of the massive payoffs for “keeping mum” about the whole bloody mess. It is our money. It is our responsibility to pull the choke chain and force this machine into a drastic diet.


Yours in Humanhood




Slaves and the New World Order

Fellow Humans


In the beginning, man was a hunter gatherer. Just like animals in the bushveld, man hunted and killed for food. He would range the forests picking berries and nuts. As time moved on, man began to realise that storing food, and gathering animals would reduce the possibility of starvation, and ease the labours of his life. He began to gather food stores and animals leading to the sciences of animal husbandry and agriculture.


At this stage, man also began to realise that rather than killing his enemies in battle, they would have more use in slavery serving the victor. Man, the most intelligent of animals, could toil in the fields and serve the master, leaving the master to concentrate on matters of the mind. The master could then ponder over other ways to improve his lot, and to reduce the competition to his empire.


And they did, the masters began to devise new methods of profiting from slavery, and new methods of controlling the slaves, after all, it is expensive to place a permanent guard over slaves. The masters began to work on psychology offering the prospect of freedom if you worked hard. The same psychology was used in WW2 in Auschwitz concentration camp. The sign on the gate said “Arbeit macht frei” or work makes you free.


This is the carrot and stick scenario. In the modern world, the carrot comes in the form of marketing that shows you all the wonderful things, and the social standing you can acquire through hard work. The stick is legislation that restricts and prevents people from operating outside the system. Barter is the oldest form of goods exchange, but it is outlawed through legislation covering tax fraud.


Seldom do common people achieve the wonders displayed on the television, and to be clear, common people will spend virtually their entire life just paying for a home. The masters, of course, control and direct the system and have exploited it to maximum profitability.


It is a proven fact that people edit out the sections of their world view that they do not want to see. They prefer Michael Tsarion’s “one season world” where every day is summer. This condition is a reaction to stress, and living in an abnormal environment. They want to believe that they can attain the pot at the end of the rainbow if they work hard for the master, no matter the cost to others, their families, or themselves.


Common man is, and has always been, a slave. Woken in the early hours to toil through the day, returning too exhausted to tend to family life. We all know about the state of the modern family, and the social impact rearing it’s head in our communities, but few understand that the destruction of the family unit is just another engineered attack on the independence of people. The terms “human resource” and “human capital” are again reducing the spiritual being “man” into a commodity. You can very easily replace these terms with the word “slave”


People have to understand and research the social engineering programmes devised by the “Masters”. The engineers are ever refining their techniques, utilizing technologies like mass media to transmit their message. Using education, both lower and higher, to develop the foot soldiers they need to promote and carry out their method. Throw into the fray legislators to devise the guidelines in which the slave may exist. The people are taught to look to “experts” for answers rather than trust their own judgement and intelligence. They are emotionally manipulated by the media bombardment, and their resistance broken down through peer pressure.


Feminism is a prime example. Developed by the Rockefeller family, feminism has reduced the family unit, and the entire family social structure in an attempt to further negate our inherent natural mammalian cohesion. As those that can see the situation in all its horror look on, the masters will now replace the family with the state. The following generations will grow up with readily programmed troops of social workers and state employees monitoring and taking charge of our children, and the decisions pertaining to their welfare. The family is being deemed as dysfunctional and irrelevant. The parents, sidelined as mere biological producers. The ultimate slave factory.



Can anyone deny that this exploitation exists? Can anyone say that the very few control the vast majority of wealth, while the rest must make do with the scraps falling from the Master’s table? Can we not see that by our own ignorance of these facts, we condemn our children to a future in shackles? Will we turn our heads away and seek the one season illusion, or will we trust our own strength and take that stand against tyranny?


We are the cure to the disease, we are the remedy of our ills. We are the future and the past, the oarsmen on the ship of time. The master may beat the drum, but we will steer the ship into the calmer waters. In the words of the sacred  Elders of the Oraibi Hopi nation

 “You have been telling the people that this is the Eleventh Hour.
Now you must go back and tell the people that this is The Hour.
Here are the things that must be considered:

Where are you living?
What are you doing?
What are your relationships?
Are you in right relation?
Where is your water?
Know our garden.
It is time to speak your Truth.
Create your community.
Be good to each other.
And do not look outside yourself for the leader.

This could be a good time!

There is a river flowing now very fast. It is so great and swift that there are those who will be afraid.
They will try to hold on to the shore. They will feel like they are being torn apart, and they will suffer greatly.

Know the river has its destination.
The elders say we must let go of the shore, push off toward the middle of the river, keep our eyes open, and our heads above the water.

See who is there with you and celebrate.

At  this time in history, we are to take nothing personally, least of all ourselves! For the moment we do, our spiritual growth and journey comes to a halt.

The time of the lonely wolf is over. Gather yourselves!

Banish the word struggle from your attitude and vocabulary.

All that we do now must be done in a sacred manner and in celebration.

We are the ones we have been waiting for.”

Yours in Humanhood





Oppression and the New World Order

Fellow Humans

Oppression is the act of using power to empower and/or privilege a group at the expense of disempowering, marginalizing, silencing, and subordinating another.

When we peek back into past days, we recoil in horror and incredulity when faced with examples of people living under despotic regiemes. Feudal, monarchial, religious, the forms of oppression are legion. Why on Earth did those people allow themselves to be abused under these systems ?

The simple fact is that the people grew up under the iron rod of oppression, and did not even realise the conditions that they lived in were strange. Their minds were conditioned to accept their serfdom, ingrained by a society enslaved. Man, it seems is very capable of adapting to the most heinious of circumstances. Adapt or die was a slogan I saw sprayed onto the outer wall of the Johannesburg zoo during the apartheid years. It sums it up nicely.

No sooner have we thrown off the shackles of one tyrant, then another rises like the Hydra, with a new game plan to take his place. It is an ancient story. A story we have to read in order to make our way across this crooked period of history.

Oppression seeks to destroy the natural state of mankind. His inbuilt regard and empathy with the suffering of his peers. Divide and conquer indeed. The words of men who rose against this inhumanity echo throughout time. Usually, they, Like Michael Bakunin, were imprisoned, put to death and tortured. Trapped within the dictators cage, cries for freedom are silenced and any support for these words are threatened with the dire concequences.

It is happening again. Through past trials, common man has erected defences against abuse of power. The Magna Carte, an 800 year old document, was written to protect people from arbitratory imprisonment and torture. This central pillar which led to the creation of civil liberties has been overwritten by the British parlaiment, in an unbelievable vote in the commons. A British parlaiment that has its root in a bloody civil war that made the first steps to democracy.

What then of the people. Again we see the cycle of ignorance to oppression taking place. Some are heard to say the EU offers “Human rights” while their names and transactions are monitored and encoded into centralised databases, and preperations are under way to fingerprint and biometricly stamp their identities for the scrutiny of the state. This while peaceful protest is confronted by armoured police, freedom of speech is being attacked, Habeus Corpus is removed from common law, and public opinion is cast aside in favour of an elite agenda.

The same voice utters Globalisation offers “a wider field of government that is useful for international relations” when we are participating in an illegal war, manufactured from lies designed to deceive an entire nation. While trans national companies exploit the poor and rape; plunder and destroy the world in scales never before seen, with no culpability or prosecution

Can they not see the deception being played out? or do they choose to ignore it in the vain hope something will make it go away?

The public are spectators in a play. They have partly chosen, partly been seduced into handing over the rights and power that is theirs, in favour of gadgets and celebrities. They choose themselves to be the master slave, the workhorse which is discarded when its usefulness is at an end. Think not? Take a look at our elderly and know what you are to expect from a life of service to your masters and your country.

You have the divine right to Liberty, to question, and to lead your lives as free beings together in peace.

“Still, if you will not fight for the right when you can easily win without bloodshed, if you will not fight when your victory will be sure and not so costly, you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance for survival. There may be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no chance of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves.” Winston Churchill

Yours in Humanhood


Media and the New World Order

Fellow Humans

We all use the media. Much like our school books, it is the area we gain the majority of our everyday knowledge. Throughout the day, we pick up newspapers, watch news broadcasts and listen to reports on the radio. Most of the time, when a point of interest reaches our ears, we repeat the story to our friends as if it is gospel. Seldom do we research the facts.

We put far too much faith in the media. It is one of the greatest influences on our daily lives, and has a massive impact on social control and programming. Very few people even know who funds and owns the source of their daily information injection.

To take an example, global warming.

The issue of climate change debate has been on the cards for over a century. Joseph Fourier first made the link between atmosphere and temperature in 1824 followed by Tyndall’s 1859 discovery that certain gasses block infrared radiation and that certain concentrations of these gasses could have an impact on climate.

The science and argument proceeded in the following years until 1988 when record drought and temperatures were covered in a massive media campaign that saw the formation of the IPCC and the Toronto conference that called for the first restrictions on greenhouse gas emissions. The U.S administration, under pressure from the oil cartels, were lobbied to deny global warming and the signing of treaties like Kyoto that would dent their profits. The press stopped reporting.

Then, in 2004, out of the wild blue yonder, charges Club of Rome’s Al Gore with an “inconvenient truth” He is allocated prime spots in TV and newspaper slots and is hailed by the powers that be as the saviour. The Live Earth concerts are praised and advertised across the global media. None of the alternative theories for climate change were given any air time as the propaganda machine rolled forth. Dissent about the actualities of global warming was quashed under heel.

Even now, when the spectre of detrimental human contribution to world biological and climate is at its peak, we find the blame placed firmly at the door of the common man and his car. There is little mention of aircraft pollution (we are even seeing government promoted expansion of airports), packaging plastics, depleted uranium, GM crops and such like. Other instances of public manipulation are legion. Elections, globalism, terrorism, gun control, health.

Would live earth have been as successful without the massive media promotion?

Is the information required for good public debate being withheld?

Why was there a sudden media blitz on this subject when it had been downplayed in previous years?

Consider also that the much of the mainstream media is in the very few hands such as Vivendi, Universal, AOL Time Warner, Newscorp, Bertelsmann AG and Viacom. This is a dangerous situation where media has gone from public informer to public persuader. As Rupert Murdoch stated

“Our reach is unmatched around the world. We’re reaching people from the moment they wake up until they fall asleep. We give them their morning weather and traffic reports through our television outlets around the world. We enlighten and entertain them with such newspapers as The New York Post and The Times (of London) as they have breakfast, or take the train to work. We update their stock prices and give them the world’s biggest news stories every day through such news channels as Fox or Sky News … And when they get home in the evening we’re there to entertain them with compelling first-run entertainment on FOX or the day’s biggest game on our broadcast, satellite and cable networks. Before going to bed, we give them the latest news, and then they crawl into bed with one of our best-selling novels from HarperCollins.”
— Rupert Murdoch, News Corporation, 1999 Annual Report

Perhaps this will change your outlook on what you are told. Perhaps you will go on allowing the elites to dictate their agenda for you and your life. Perhaps you come to need your daily feed from the New World Order.


Your in Humanhood

Terrorism and the New World Order

Fellow Humans.

There is little doubt that terrorism occurs. Terrorism is usually associated with fringe, fanatical elements pressing some agenda or other. Throughout the ages, fear has been seen as the ultimate method of manipulation and control. The prospect of physical harm is always a great driver to influence change of behaviour of those you wish to control.

The Human race, fundamentally, has not changed in it’s desires and the methodology of achieving them. We look back in time at the misguided hysteria in the Middle Ages, where witch-hunting became a pastime notorious. We say that the ignorance of things now common knowledge, driven by a common superstition emphasised by the religious programming of the time, people committed terrible acts, unthinkable in normal circumstances.

An example of this will be the fungal blight Ergot in rye. This disease caused hallucinogenic episodes amongst people in central Europe for which “witches spells” were attributed. This led to an orgy of burning and torture of thousands of innocent people across Europe.

In modern times, we see the same hysteria rising, with the same roots in ignorance as the above example. Public sentiment is so easily swayed by the emotive words and images transmitted by a “non partisan” press. They of course, get their orders from the NWO controlled politicians and think tanks like the CFR, RIIA and Trilateral commision.

When we examine many of the facts behind recent high profile terrorist attacks, we find alarming traces of complicity and involvement by some of our most hallowed institutions. False flag operations like the Gulf of Tonkin incident in 1964, the Bologna train station bombing in 1980, The first world trade centre bomb, the Oklahoma city bombing, and the 911 attacks, all contain serious evidence of funding, arming, training and husbanding of the perpetrators by intelligence services and governments.

There is an undercover war going on in the world where operations like Gladio (the training and arming of secret armies throughout Europe), have sought to undermine governments of nations not “towing the line”. The line of course is the one drawn by the NWO controllers. Other armies like Al Qaeda, created and funded by the CIA, are active throughout the Middle East and Asia.

Ex Italian prime minister Francesco Cossiga admitted his involvement in the set up of Gladio in 2000 which blew the whistle on secret armies overseen by the US intelligence services, and their involvement in some of Europe’s terrorism incidents. He also claimed recently that 911 was a CIA/Mossad concoction.

In March 2001, Gladio agent Vincenzo Vinciguerra stated, in sworn testimony, “You had to attack civilians, the people, women, children, innocent people, unknown people far removed from any political game. The reason was quite simple: to force … the public to turn to the state to ask for greater security.”

The weapons of mass destruction lies associated with the invasion of Iraq, and the 40 minute Blair/intelligence justification which is commonly acknowledged to be a farce, provide proof of lying to forward an agenda. Now we hear of a nuclear first strike to prevent an attack. For the first time in history we are seeing the possibility of these madmen deploying indiscriminate mass death to promote their New World Order. This cannot be allowed to continue.

Now with the war on terror at its height, and with no end in sight, the hysteria is at fever pitch. You are handing over your liberty, freedom and lives to agencies unknown. You will not get security by handing you freedom over to the authorities, you will get tyranny. Especially when the problem, reaction, solution paradigm comes into play. You have to wake up now. You have to realise you are being used.

This is not a drill!!!

Yours in Humanhood