Control and the New World Order

Fellow Humans

What a riot the last few weeks have been, and i mean literally. Greece has exploded into violent anti-government protest, but the BBC still refers to “anarchists” and the usual misnommer, “clashes with the police”. For the benefit of those who still have not realised the mass media spin, the protesters are clashing with the state, period. The police are the manufactured breakwater onto which the storm surge breaks instead of washing out and over the government buildings where it is intended. The ignition of the underlying wrath felt by Greek youth was the shooting of a 15 year old boy. Alexandros Grigoropoulos’ age was originally reported by the BBC as 16, which, of course, is the legal age for state murder.

Within days, protests in Spain, Denmark, France and Italy joined those in Greece as the wave of agitation across Europe rippled, mostly attributed to revelations of mismanagment, misdealings and financial irregularities which are and will continue to cause misery and desperation. The media line concentrated primarily on burning cars and rock throwing mobs, while armoured police played the part of a force, passive and “trying to restore control in trying circumstances”. The nasty anarchists were shown to be out of control and fronted by dangerous anti globalist forces who have no other objective than to burn down civilisation. In fact many of those interviewed by the press were sympathetic with the protesters. I know i am.

French Interior Ministry spokesman Gerard Gachet told The Associated Press.
“What’s happening in Greece tends to prove that the extreme left exists, contrary to doubts of some over these past few weeks,” and added that the coming days and weeks would determine whether “there’s a danger of contagion of the Greek situation into France.”

For the Globalists operating for and in the interests of the New World Order agenda, anyone who seeks self determination, anyone who understands the gross farce that is Thomas Friedman’s financial miracle of free market economics, anyone who recognises the sell out and corporate takeover of all the worlds resources and governments for what it is, is a dangerous, dysfunctional, uninformed, sick individual that has no say, no worthy opinion and no cause. They couldn’t be more wrong.

The people of Europe are sick and tired of the lies, corruption, hubris and disregard by those who laughingly call themselves “leaders”. Here in the UK, nothing is operating correctly, the social services, the health services, the financial services. The wannabes who now infest the worlds oldest parlaiment have had every possible opportunity to deal with the real problems but have done nothing but increase the misery, while the focus on “international obligations” that are neither mentioned, or refered to in any manifesto, are at the top of the list of activities. The Gorgon (Gordon Brown) believes he is “saving the world”, but cannot seem to find it in himself to even chastise those responsible for the greatest robbery in history. Instead, he puts his hand in our pockets and gives them some more. Not to mention that the Gorgon himself is the butt of jokes and derision across the land. Before the selfingratiating clucking begins from the likes of Cameron or Clegg, i have to warn them, they are seen in the same tainted light. Holier than thou, they aint.

No, the cronies of the New World Order are losing control, and it is blatently obvious that they are clutching at straws. For the first time, mainstream news articles are flooding the news networks mentioning the NWO by name. One of the most respected reads in the world, The financial times calls for a world government. Too late, i say.

They have been outed and are running issue management damage control scams, but the seed has already been planted. That part within us that instinctively knows right and wrong is awakening, and it is a resource greater than any at the NWO’s disposal.

The rain is falling and the river is filling up. In some places, water is overrunning the flood plain. In time, all the sandbags in the world won’t stop the rush.

Yours in humanhood