The EGF and the New World Order

Fellow humansEUROGENDFOR ( ) is the name designated to the EU police/military force. This organisation has been set up by 5 states within the EU (FR,SP.IT,NETH,PORT). This Force will be supplied by units from EU member states and will undertake “polimilitary” (my word for militarised police) actions at the bequest of CIMIN (defined as the “High level interdepartmental committee”) made up of both civilian and military members. CIMIN, we are told, will designate strategy and tactics on a case by case basis for deployment. The EGF will be placed at the disposal of the EU, UN, OSCE, NATO or any other international organisation or ad hoc coalition.

The EGF will be able to accommodate the full spectrum of polimilitary functions
1. Security and public order
2 Monitoring, advising, coaching and supervising local police forces including criminal investigation
3. Public surveillance, border monitoring, traffic control and general intelligence
4. Criminal investigation, tracking, arrest and transfer of suspects to the appropriate judiciary
5. Protecting population, property and infrastructure during public disturbances
6. Training police officers to international standards
7. Training instructors through mutual co-operation.

In addition to the above, EGF is permitted to transport and retain weapons and ammunition, tactical equipment, vehicles, other weapons systems (presumably crowd control types of the “non lethal” variety) and explosives. These are to be used in accordance with the agreement of tactical deployment between CIMIN and the requesting state.

In 2005 the first exercises were held St Astier France followed by company sized deployment in Valdemoro Spain in 2006. The gist of their mission is to fill the hole between military combat and the post combat period, returning the state to normality and peace.

This all sounds just peachy, doesn’t it? No it does not.
Firstly, a police force cannot be military in nature. If this occurs, force will dictate over reason every time. Force will crush disagreement and will be used as an oppressive tool. Perhaps a specific state may have internal strife between the government and the people. A disagreement, perhaps, about legislation. The government can request the use of the EGF and use its force to crush internal dissent. This does not add up to democratic principle.
Secondly, the wide scope of organisations that may request the use of the EGF reduces the EGF to the role of mercenaries for hire, hired through monies raised by the EU by contributing member states. Does this mean that the WHO could use the force to apply vaccinations by force? Does this also mean that the EGF could be deployed to appropriate the EU taxes from resisting citizens? Does this mean that a state that resists inclusion into an EU treaty can be smashed into compliance in the future?
Thirdly, the training of local policing forces to “international standards” means that military training becomes part and parcel of the package. As I have already stated in previous articles, militarised police are a danger to everyone.
Lastly, and probably more importantly, The EGF, the proposed EU intelligence organisation and the EU army will constitute parts of a supranational state infrastructure. Sooner or later this regional state will begin to operate as a sovereign entity and force its agenda (as always) on others. Just as the government of a state overides a local council decision

The legendary Alex Jones has covered this centralising and militarising of “peace forces” in his Police state videos raising these uncomfortable truths. The prospects of armoured “police” shouting instructions at you, while conducting exercises designed to familiarise you with polimilitary units on your streets, are sure to be in the pipeline.

We have already seen the results of international polimilitary engagements worldwide. The abuses connected with UN peacekeepers are legion, as are the examples of failed missions. ABC reported, in Feb. 10, 2005 “The range of sexual abuse includes reported rapes of young Congolese girls by UN troops; an Internet paedophile ring run from Congo by Didier Bourguet, a senior UN official from France; a colonel from South Africa accused of molesting his teenage male translators; and estimates of hundreds of underage girls having babies fathered by UN soldiers who have been able to simply leave their children and their crimes behind.”

The official reply, also quoted in the same article( )
“William Swing, a former U.S. ambassador to Congo who now heads the UN peacekeeping mission there, admitted the sexual crimes were a black mark on the United Nations. “It pains us all,” he said. “It’s absolutely odious. And we’re determined to wipe it out.” But Swing said the problem was just recently brought to his attention, and that only a small percentage of the 11,000 UN personnel in Congo were involved.
“A few people have managed to basically cause disgrace for the mission and for the UN, and that’s why we’re determined to conquer it. I have sent a dozen home,”

A dozen sent home?? No convictions?? What about the trauma, the pregnancies and the suffering of these vulnerable people? No prosecution and no accountability is endemic of this type of farce. Why would you expect things to change with the EGF?

One thing is for sure… This is being constructed for your “safety”. The NWO, after all, loves its obedient servants. We better take steps to prevent these forces entering our borders. We better start paying attention to EU legislation and find out just what we are being committed to. In the end, we are the ones who will suffer. #

If this sounds like a rant, It is. Everyone must realise the concept of polimilitary is as dangerous now as it ever was. Whoever wrote “the pen is mightier than the sword” obviously didn’t have a gun pointed at his head.

Yours in Humanhood