Education and the New World Order

In times past, dictators and governments alike have targeted the youth to progress their aims. Although it takes a few years to entrench an ideal in the minds of children, the rewards can be bountiful. Over the past few years, for example, the environmental message has been drummed into primary schoolers in the west. The environmental lobbies can be assured of an army of preprogrammed individuals to further the cause and go on to increase the amplification of this subject to the up and coming youth. This program of gradualism can convert even the most hardened strains of thought as the old ideals die off with the old people.

Charlotte Thompsom Iserbyt, a former senior policy advisor for the US dept of education under Reagan, exposed and fought government manipulation of the education system. The idea was that the “authorities” needed to gain control over all education, private, home schooling and religious schools to dictate the education program in view of what I would call a shopping cart system.

The system works like this… If the corporate global world system requires more diggers than counters, the education system would be streamlined to limit the numbers that get “counter” education. The vast majority would get “digger” education and as a result may never reach their full potential, let alone have the choice of career. People made to order for the use of big business is an obvious transgression of human freedoms and a clear indicator of the greed and complicity of many of those in the current business and political “elite”. In her own words; “ Is school choice a plot to implement the socialist, corporate fascist, workforce training agenda for the global planned economy? You betcha”

There have been many complaints recently as to the aptitude of the current youth as far as academic subjects go. Many youths cannot answer simple questions relating to history or geography for example. The percentage of academic to other fluffy subjects is being altered, with the leaning toward fluffy is better.

Having recently researched exam papers and question criteria from British schools and universities, it seems to me that the lessons are supportive of globalist policies in general and had more than a tint of humanist theory relating to population and economy and the environment. Is this the agenda for the future? Is this an attempt to condition and justify to the youth of today the benefits of massive population reduction and the one world government? One thing is clear; education should only concern itself with the basics and leave any propaganda elements out. Don’t be fooled by the change agents currently operating within your communities.

I came across this google video link. The scale of what i have outlined above is bigger than i thought.Please watch this down of america&total=14&start=10&num=10&so=0&type=search&plindex=1

Yours in humanhood


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