Invisibility and the New World Order

Fellow Humans


Great empires are destroyed from within, not from without. The Roman state had the most efficient military machine on Earth, but it was destroyed by constant internal strife and civil war aroused from competing elite families and personalities.


It is important to understand the difference between façade, and reality. A mother would distract the child with games or goodies, while the father wrapped the Christmas presents in another room. This is the essence of unseen government.


The Taxpayers Alliance released a report into the “Unseen Government” after the UK government failed to provide clarity on the structure and purpose of these “behind the scenes” operations. It makes for grim reading.


British taxpayers forked out £64 Billion in 2006-2007 to fund over a thousand Quango’s/NGO’s and advisory boards. This is repeated year on year, and although we have seen a reduction in the number of these organisations, the tax expenditure is increasing. That figure does not include the bodies you are familiar with like the police services.


Recently I covered the fact that Oxfam are running Global citizenship training modules for schools. This is the face of the programme operating behind the scenes to alter behaviour of the population in line with doctrines that are not seen or recognised in the main stream.


Another thing to mention here is consensus. If these organisations are funded by government, there will be an outline policy directive attached to the funding. When the government calls together a meeting of interested parties to discus an issue, they invite these Quango’s under the guise that they represent different interest groups within the community. The end result will be policy resulting from a weighted hand. This system is engaged in the EU, UN and all the rest.


This state of affairs indicates the politicisation of charity groups and other “advisory “ panels for money.


Taxpayers alliance note that councils and other government bodies are not able to fully manage or document services and payment to these bodies, even after a damning report by the parliamentary select committee in 2003. Year on year the farce continues. Government has become a bloated mess, unable to move, unable to act as it drags its obese folds about the land.


The government reacts to problems with piecemeal knee jerks hoping the spin will reintroduce the hand of favour. Lurching from crisis to crisis is the name of the game. Chaos rules the roost as children and education standards are sacrificed, Health care is rated 16th in a review of 19 peer nations,  industry falls apart, and the national debt to an independent banking cartel soars.


What will the government do about all this. Simple, they will claim they require more funding to fix the problems they themselves have created. These faults smoke screen a hidden agenda that seeks to implement new measures and organisations that will, in the end, change everything we know. Scoff?? Take a look outside your window and tell me if you cant recognise this agenda.


The solution to all this is the dramatic reduction in the size and scope of government, and the institution of accountability for failure instead of the massive payoffs for “keeping mum” about the whole bloody mess. It is our money. It is our responsibility to pull the choke chain and force this machine into a drastic diet.


Yours in Humanhood





3 thoughts on “Invisibility and the New World Order

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  3. Mellow Greetings Antireptilian
    Just noticed some coincidental or synchronised events coming together, police to be given tasers on a large scale,in spite of the fact that a large number of people have died due to tasing, identity card rollout in spite of credit crunch (yeah right!, you would think they would save the money for better things)
    Lectures by Reading University to young students on the joys of having an RFID chip, yes, the lecturer admidts information can go both ways, we knew that though,
    So there you have it. A headlong dash to create the World Bank, when enough people get pissed off and protest, they will be tasered by our newly increased goons with tasers and then we will have ID cards and then — the chip.
    Have a pleasant day secure in the knowledge that your government has it’s peoples best interest at heart.
    I am voting for Bugs Bunny in the next election.

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